December 2012

December outlook - equity markets and reality

America        I have felt for some time that the US equity market has made its high of the year, and that the move to the lows of November were the first part of the decline in a new bear market, and the rally in the second half of November was in effect a wave two counter trend bounce, before the next phase of the decline. These bearish patterns are very clear in the NASDAQ, and the bellwether Apple stock.

The world's aircraft carriers

After 50 years of service and the accolade of being the US Navy’s first nuclear carrier the USS Enterprise was retired in November 2012, leaving only ten carriers in service.   It must be a matter of some considerable concern that, with the requirement for maintenance and training schedules,  this will only allow the US to deploy five carriers at any one time to police the world’s oceans. As capable as these vessels are, they cannot be in more than one place at a time!