May 2013

UKIP South East Conference "Election 2014: Campaign Starts today"

Event date

We will have lots of special guest speakers including, obviously, Party Leader Nigel Farage and we will also be celebrating our spectacular success in the County Council elections last week.

David'speech "Breaking the Code of British Leadership" will be the second speaking slot after lunch and addresses the following topics:

What can you do?

After many of my speeches a common question is ,’What can one person do to change the future?‘ This is a question that has been asked through the ages by people who do not agree with the structure of the world around them. Amid the information and educational revolution there is no excuse for the individual not to understand and have an opinion. The key steps for change are as follows:-

Commodities-Copper 2

Copper continues to look weak with its break lower and pull back to the 3300 area. Having dropped some 10% since our initial call, we continue to believe that copper will test 2500 this year . Any move back above 3700 would negate our call.

America, Israel and Iran

To date we have been working on the premise that Israel would by now have pre-emptively attacked Iranian nuclear installations if it had the military capability and if President Obama had not been holding them back.

However the March 2013 Obama visit to the Middle East seems to have heralded a policy change by America which we think opens the way for Israel to strike Iran.

The Winds of Change

‘Breaking the Code of History’ points out that a war is not merely a violent physical conflict, but  that its energy and sources derive from the position of the nations involved upon their point in the cycle of empires. Similarly the vigor that changes leadership within a nation is also dependent on where that nation is on the cycle of empires.

Leadership and collective moral integrity

The rise and fall of empires and any other governmental system demonstrate two very different value models. As a system rises it is optimistic and looks to the future understanding that decisions today have ongoing consequences for the stability of the empire/system . However in decline many decisions are taken with the mindset of putting out fires and in that entrenched view, set new limitations and thus create new fires .

Royal College of Defence Studies

Event date

The Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) is an internationally-renowned institution and component of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

Their mission is: "To prepare senior officers and officials of the UK and other countries and future leaders from the private an public sectors for high responsibilities in their respective organisations, by developing their analytical powers, knowlegde of defence and international security, and stategic vision".

David's speech "Leadership, Heroes and Empires" covered the following topics:

  • The 5 Stages of the empire model to better understand the rise and fall of systems
  • The different types of heroes: military, philosophical, political and human heroes
  • Identification of specific types of heroes and their relationship on the empire curve with examples
  • Definition of good leadership
  • Why empires and systems collapse as the quality of leadership declines


“David addressed the Royal College of Defence Studies for the first time in 2013.  His presentation on the impact of Leaders in the historical cycles of empires provided a compelling and thoughtful proposition.  David’s analysis is provocative, challenging and highly persuasive, and his talk generated much interest among the 90 Members who represent over 50 countries. Without doubt, he provided one of the genuine highlights of this high-quality 2013 Course.”

Nick J Caplin CB, Major General, Senior Directing Staff (Army), Royal College of Defence Studies