September 2013

Olympus has fallen

I have always been fascinated by the relationship between the film industry and social mood not just in Hollywood, but indeed globally. At times film directors and produces show an uncanny ability to predict and anticipate themes and stories that will appeal to the public in future years when the film completes the transition from inception to completion. Often the way a film is received by the public acts as a data point to current public social values and moods at the time of release.

Barclays Istanbul Conference

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David's speech "The Geopolitics of Turkey" highlighted the following subjects:

  • Geopolitcal understanding of:

1. The World

2. The Middle East

3. Turkey and its direct Neighbours 

  • The business environment:

1. Rule of Law

2. Government Policies

3. Capabilities of the Work Force

China's Africa: How America has dropped the ball.

As highlighted in Breaking the Code of History, one of the key requirements for an empire to grow successfully is to be able to expand into new territory and extract resources that can be returned to the homeland to feed economic growth. In an age where our planet is so populated and when America has to date been so dominant, the only strategic option for China was to move into the barren spaces in American foreign policy of which Africa remains the largest. Is this just a strategic blunder by the US?

Youthful Demographics, Brains and Revolutions.

Each of the five stages of empire as described in Breaking the Code of History has a distinctive dynamic and social profile and provides the approach to understanding of past, present and future geopolitical events. With so many emerging nations going through the regionalization phase, it is important to grasp the role of the youthful demographic bulge at the end of this regionalization period and how it drives the final defining civil war of this specific era.