Brexit and its Parallels with The English Civil war

Murrinations seek to provide relevant and prophetic predictions of Geopolitical events, based on the application of The Code of History.

At the time of the June 23rd, 2016 referendum we classified Brexit as having the same energy as the English civil war in 1642-1651. This was based on both occurring at similar stages along the 5 phases of life cycle. At this stage, Britain is seeking to adapt and evolve its next national identity to expand to become a new Global Britain. When we made this proposal it was a unique analogy that didn't resonate with anyone else.

As a thought leader we seek to see things before others and anticipate trends before they commence. As we have discussed in many Murrinations our Brexit analogy has been very accurate. Three years on there is an ever-increasing recognition that the forces for change and evolution of British society are set against those of the status quo who refuse to allow the will of the people to be enacted. The two sides consist of the people versus their government, parliament, civil service, and the EU. These two sides are becoming increasingly polarised as was the case in the early stages of the English civil war. Notably and commensurately references to this period have been increasing in the press with the two excellent examples below:

Both the English civil war and Brexit today were exacerbated by exceptionally poor leadership and rigidity of thought. Indeed there are similarities between Charles 1st self-belief in his divine right to rule (badly) and that of May's narcissism. May appears to also believe she has been given a divine right to make Brexit happen even if it is in name only. Although May has orchestrated a delay out to Halloween, it is unlikely that she will survive the sentence of the 1922 committee, and that she will step down. Thus we continue to expect that Boris becomes the next PM. Once in place the odds continue to be high that he will orchestrate a True WTO Deal and that Britain will thrive as China has in this widely accepted trade framework.

Recognizing the power of the code of history to understand and shape future events we will be launching a new "Vision Britain Campaign". This campaign seeks to increase the British electorates awareness of what is really unfolding in this democratic and peaceful British civil war, and to lay the foundations of a Vision for Britain to 2025 based on what comes next on the curve for a rejuvenated Global Britain.




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