Brexit and The Right Brained Revolution

Right Brained

Thank you for my many readers who have contacted me today following Dominic Cummings request for weird and eclectic people to apply to help revolutionize the Boris Government apparatus.

Your confidence is much appreciated!

On a more serious note, I have long postulated that regional civil wars are at their most fundamental level driven by the need to release right-brained energy so that a society can expand. On this basis, I have been predicting that there would be a right-brained revolution in government and business since the arrival of Boris as PM.

Dominic Cummings application invitation today was perfectly in line with this revolution that is about to unfold across British society and business. Organisations that continue with the old ways of thinking will soon be left behind to wither on the vine. To this end, I have developed a model for Creative Organisational Change based on my Five Phase Life Cycle, which identifies where a business  or Organisation is on this cycle and then how best to introduce identify and optimise right-brained innovation and creativity.

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