Brexit-Death by May

For over a decade, I have been highlighting that with the Super Western Empire in the final phase of decline, that it would manifest leadership that would be consistently poor. Characterized by being focused on poor judgemnet , lack of vision and essentially serving themselves rather than the people they claimed to lead. Sadly this has proven true in every nation in the west almost without exception and is personified by the premiership of May.

To counter this destructive pattern I created an image which I called Iconic leadership to highlight and educate the electorate as to what we should really be expecting from our leadership. As terrible as the current predicament is under May, and other poor Western leaders, there is still hope. Especially in the case of Britain, which is at the end of the first stage of regionalization, where the pendulum of poor leadership has swung disastrously far in the wrong direction. The current situation though could catalyze the appearance of a truly inspirational leader. However, before that can take place the majority have to understand just how bad May is as a Prime minister.

In an earlier Murrination Brexit and its Parallels The English Civil War, I observed that May was behaving much as Charles 1st had done, by exhibiting a divine right in her belief to rule. Indeed it is remarkable how many images of May are captured when she leaves or arrives at her church. May’s delusion that she should continue as PM, in the face of the broadest rejection by the people, the house and her party demonstrates a separation from the reality that only a narcissist could exhibit when challenged by all those around her.

I further noted that if May stayed in power she would destroy everything that she was connected with. A prophesy that has come to pass very swiftly. That includes the Conservative party, the standing of Parliament, the integrity of Britain's national defence and the state and standing of the Nation. There is no doubt that May’s judgment, whatever small amount there was, has left the building long ago, and what remains is a leadership process that is degrading and damaging to the nation. Notably, she has always been dependent on a small circle of close advisors who had questionable judgment and acrolithic interposable skills that dovetailed in May’s narcissism. The most notable of which Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill whose advise to go to the people failed to recognize May’s negative people appeal and consequently saw a majority that would have carried Brexit forward to a swifter conclusion, become a minority for the Conservatives and May.

The issue over Mays agreement to allow Huawei to build critical communications infrastructure in the UK despite China being a strategic competitor is a truly alarming decision. A commercial alliance that is opposed by  two members (including the USA and Australia) of the fives eyes security network who have themselves banned Huawei technology from its countries. Despite this, May has agreed to let Huawei technology become the backbone of a new 5G network. Even if there are no Trojan horses, the dependence on critical infrastructure upon what is swiftly becoming major protagonists against the west and Britain is lunacy or driven by hidden self-interest. If this was not enough there is now a proposal for the Chinese to build the biggest infrastructure project in our history in the form of the HS2 railway line. The question has to be asked is why is May so dead set on partnering with China whose totalitarian and expansive nature is becoming clearer by the day?

Entwined in this strategic sell out to the Chinese is the sacking of Gavin Williamson for a crime he in all probability did not commit (but one suspects was rather for his core political beliefs):

  1. He is a Brexitier that believes that Brexit means Brexit.
  2. He has ardently fought the corner of the armed services that he has lead in his ministry. He has thus been a lone voice at cabinet and has served his nation commendably in trying to preserve our denuded defense capabilities with the notable success of preserving a world-class amphibious capability in the Royal Navy and Marines. He has done this against the ardent policies of May, Hammond and the National security Advisor Mark Speedwell. Who have all been determined to leave our island defenceless at a time when threats are increasing significantly from especially two state actors, Russia, and China.
  3. Whilst Russia’s dangerous intent has not been in dispute, although the mitigation seems to have been based only on hope, and some hairbrained belief by Mark Sedwill that cyber capabilities meant that kinetic weapons were no longer needed, Chinas threat has been ignored.
  4. Indeed the desire for commercial profit with China seems to have blinded our threesome against the massive threat they represent, and they seem determined to subjugate Britain not only to the EU but also to China as attested by Mark Sedwill’s planned and poorly judged trip to China in the next few weeks with 15 other heads of the civil service.

Thus when the overwhelming motivation for Williamson's sacking is considered and the failure of No 10 to provide any evidence. This sacking appears a highly prejudiced and badly judged execution that in all probability will boomerang back onto the necks on May and Sedwill as justice is hopefully served.

Poor leadership is rarely a single person phenomenon, but rather the leader gathers followers with similar destructive qualities that act covertly behind the scenes. Thus whilst May is the overt face of a disastrous Government, the covert face is without doubt Mark Sedwill. A man with such a large ego that he carries two of the highest ministry ranks in government, The National Security Advisor and the Cabinet Secretary. Sedwill has been advising May since he became the Permanent Secretary for the home office in 2013.

Interestingly for the first time, the hand of Mark Sedwill has come into the public eye. For those that have followed his career and influence in the May government there is no doubt that he has walked side by side with May in manifesting sequentially poor judgments. Foremost of which as the NSC his view that kinetic weapons were not outdated due to the advent of cyber warfare? A view that America, Russia, and China do not share but that he arrogantly, dangerously and steadfastly expounded from No 10, setting him directly against Gavin Williamson. Thus to what extent has the later sacking been driven by personal amenity? One can only hope for the nations benefit that when May falls so does Mr Sedwill.

The need for the immediate removal of May as PM has now reached crisis point for the Conservatives. The results of the local elections and the 1300 seat loss are but a taste of what will follow. Unless the Conservative party finds a swift way to depose May, they are dead in the water. We have always argued that the need of Britain at the end of its regional cycle is to have political policies of wealth creation and defence that are associated with policies on the right, but with a more attuned sense of social integration. Labour has moved to the left where they will inevitably die an ignominious death under Corbyn. The independent party is trying to set up its camp in the centre thinking that this is where all the power has been for two decades. Meanwhile, the Brexit party has appeared to the right under Farage and has immediately appealed to the traditional conservative voter and Brexitier from any other party that quite rightly felt betrayed.

Thus the Conservative party is in the middle of the political sandwich where it will fall if it continues to stand there. The very reason Cameron was forced into a referendum was because of the popularity of Farage and UKIP that was leaching conservative voters over the European issue. Today it is Mays premiership and the Brexit party that threatens the Conservatives very existence as a dominant force in British politics.

So looking ahead to the manifestation of a British leader that has at least some of the qualities of sentient leadership, where might it come from? There are two most probable routes.

If the conservatives have any residual survival instinct they need to depose May in the next two weeks and replace her as soon as possible afterward with a Brexit PM who has stronger credentials than Farage. Which leaves only one candidate Boris. So putting it simply either the conservatives install Boris as the PM or they will irrevocable decline and experience the breakup of the party. The question, however, is having watched Labour self-destruct under the power of the unions by electing first Ed Miliband and now Corbyn, will the Conservative party exercise better judgment or is their time up too? Giving way to a completely different party structure that in all probability will be lead from the right and produce the leadership Britain should be expected to manifest at this stage of its cycle to take it forward into and the new era of a Global Britain.




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It's SO OBVIOUS that Theresa May is either spectacularly useless or an apparatchik of Brussels or a Bilderberger or all three. So, how amazing that the Tory party, in complete meltdown, cannot collectively boot her out and change course. Farage is about to teach them all a lesson.