Dalio's Misperceptions

Dalio and the CCP

Ray Dalio's public platform to appear to act as Xi's propaganda arm in America is based on two very powerful components that mean that no one seems to be challenging him in public. The first is that he runs the biggest hedge fund in America and is super successful and rich; to some Americans that is enough to perceive him as super-smart as his wealth is something to be worshipped. The second is that he has the intellectual capital through the publication of his latest book, The Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order, to interpret and predict the future that others cannot see.

However, all is not as it seems. One of the consequences of what we have labelled as the Fed’s creation of the 'Doomsday Bubble' is that the acquisition of wealth until now has been blind to where it is derived. However, as the Bubble bursts coincident with increasing US-China polarisation, we predict that the source of the uber-wealthy’s success will come under very close scrutiny, and the vested interests of those that derived their wealth from dealings with the CCP will be exposed and publicly vilified. Dalio, through his dealings with the CCP, potentially stands first in line concerning this judgement.

As regards the superior intellectual capital that Dalio claims to have access to, we contest both its validity and application in certain areas that we will be covering in this series of Murrination Insights called Dalio's Misperceptions. The first of which is that the civil war in America is all but a given outcome.

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A Personal Challenge To Ray Dalio


Ray Dalio – If my critique of your work seems harsh, I would welcome a public, televised debate on our different viewpoints, to further the collective understanding of human cycles that have shaped our history and that will unconsciously shape our future.

Breaking The Code of History