Expanding Flat Earth Thinking Part 2; The Forces of Denial


There is an old saying that the only constant in the universe is change. However, the body of a human system will by its very nature seek to go against the universe by maintaining the continuity of its familiar knowledge horizon, especially if any change potentially challenges a mature, hierarchical and complex social structure based on a precept that risks are being substituted for a new concept. Thus, human systems contain dynamic struggles between new ideas and old established ideas. That dynamic tension is, in turn, played out within a social system that is somewhere on the Five-phase life cycle. The position of a society on that curve dictates the speed of assimilation of the new idea.

  • Regionalisation and Expansion to Empire The early stages of this phase are very rigid,However by the end of the Regionalisation Phase, new ideas and beliefs rise to the fore that represent better adaptations as the social system driven by demographic expansion needs to increase its resource base to survive. Those new concepts will then be manifest in a revolutionary group that engages in a civil war and overturns the old rigid structure. The entropy of civil war breaks up the old establishment and allows new ideas to be adopted swiftly. The creative expansion then continues throughout the second phase of expansion. Leadership across society becomes dominated by right-brained thinkers who then further expand the system's knowledge horizon by leaps and bounds. Which in turn increases the system's competitive edge and ability to keep expanding.
  • Maturity, Overextension and Decline In the early stages of Maturity, the momentum in the expansion of the knowledge horizon continues with greater resources that then facilitate a golden age. However, by the time overextension commences, society has developed numerous complex social organisations based on ideas and constructs that if challenged by new knowledge, will resist strongly (encumbrance and entitlement). From that point onwards the system is in a stage of rigidity and increasing morbidity that then prevents adaptation to new information, which in turn accelerates decline into collapse. Allowing the cycle to start all over again.
  • Autocratic or Democratic societies, by way of their different  boundary characteristics, affect the ease with which new ideas are accepted. Autocratic systems seek to focus creativity into very specific boundaries and corridors, within which creativity can flourish and beyond which they will be mercilessly crushed as a threat.China, is just such a case in point today It is highly creative within the boundaries defined by the CCP whilst new ideas outside accepted (and often dictated) thought, invites Draconian repercussions. Relatively open societies have much wider boundaries and hence are more fertile across their lifespan meaning that, even in decline, new ideas can be voiced although their general acceptance is far less probable than when the system was in in expansion. To exemplify this, the contrast today between America in decline and Britain in expansion should be apparent to any observer, and will only increase in the decade ahead.
  • Entropy Events These are wars, natural disasters and pandemics. All threaten survival which catalyses change and forces rigid institutions and precepts to be challenged and thus to change. This is the entropy of the universe smashing up against the rigidity of human anti-entropy in mature and hierarchical systems. And the universe always wins. If there is no natural event that forces change, another rising empire will provide the entropic impulse to the old hegemony. The old hegemony either adapts or is overwhelmed.
  • Fear and Denial are of course closely linked and, as such, are very much part of the process by which denial is acted out and flat earth thinking is reinforced.


The Wuhan Virus; An Example of The Forces of Denial in Action Today

A very good and current example of the process of denial of change, took place last March/April when Angus Dalgleish 71, a British vaccine researcher and professor of oncology at St Georges Hospital Tooting sequenced the Wuhan virus. He and his bold fellows published their findings disguised as a vaccine paper. The evidence was clear that there were artificial gene sequences in the protein spike that could only have a laboratory origin. The response was dramatic. Dalgleish was ostracised by his peers and told to keep quiet as he was making a fool of himself. The very same people with whom he had worked over the years. The response was so powerful that it invoked a powerful sense of fear at the way he was treated. Despite being publicly supported by Sir Richard Dearlove ex-head of MI6. Journals specific to the topic of virology such as Nature Medicine, and The Journal of Virology, and BioRxiv all refused to publish. Nature for example has acted as a mouthpiece for the Chinese zoonotic narrative.

The combination of the threat to the funding to Gain of Function research by the virologists’ and most importantly some kind of UK coordinated government response to try to cover up the origins, so as not to anger China, is the only way that such a widespread suppression of scientific evidence could be enacted The additional consideration could be Chinese influence over such journals specially designed to pervert the narrative. Something that needs investigation by MI5. All of these social forces acted to suppress the top of the cascade of change before it gained momentum, and until now have been shockingly successful.

This is but one example of how secrets and concepts of change can be suppressed for a while. In our next set of Murrinations we will be looking at the suppression of UFO sighting over some 7 decades.


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