Expanding Flat Earth Thinking Part 3; Flat Earth Thinking Today

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In the third part of our Murrination series we continue looking at the expanding of our Flat Earth thinking and so will touch on many of the areas where we believe there is significant evidence against a commonly and collectively held current theory, perception or belief. With the purpose of catalysing a quantum shift in perception, which will, in turn, challenge expanded flat earth thinking. Some are topics that we have discussed regularly in the course of our Murrinations. Whilst others we have until now purposely not chosen to discuss. Initially you might feel offended by and dismissive of some. This would be a highly understandable reflex and emotion, the roots of which are, for the most part, a product of societies' conditioning within the limits of their known and familiar knowledge horizons. Once you have let go of your initially defensive feelings towards uncomfortable questions and challenges to your thinking and opened your mind to new possibilities, you will be allowing the evidence to present itself. This will allow for new perspectives to emerge and the breaking down of unsubstantiated constructs that might be limiting awareness. Some of these beliefs in our world of today that warrant challenging:

  1. That Gods exist in the Image of Mankind.   BTCH ("Breaking The Code of History") recognised that organised religions were social constructs to frame and order human societies in order to create maximum anti entropy of the system. However, the origins of their divinities were a construct within the limitations of the horizon of knowledge at their time of their birth. A time when people believed that that earth was at the centre of the universe. Today, through science, evidence points towards a near infinite number of planets and potential civilizations in the universe and that we, in all probability, are not special or unique. If, as the majority of  religions claim in their origination legend, they had been constructed through interaction with divinity, their message would have contained constant knowledge that existed outside space and time. No such knowledge has  been incorporated into any of Earth's religions. A more contemporary construct in line with our understanding of the universe would be a divine connection between all living creatures, much like the force in Star Wars. Thus, the moment contact with an alien species is publicly recognised, every religious human construct with an overseeing divinity will be invalidated at a stroke, thereby breaking down many of the social structures that order modern societies.


  1. That History does not repeat itself.    Because human collective behaviours are unconscious and unrecognised. Only when we recognise this fundamental human behaviour will we start to create more conscious and constructive survival strategies.


  1. That America is not in late stage Terminal Decline.   The decline of any empire always comes with denial. In fact, denial only accelerates decline as it prevents a realistic appraisal of the current situation and the implementation of corrective measures needed.  Based on our five phase life cycle, The Doomsday Bubble is quite probably the last phase of denial of America in decline.


  1. The Chinese Do Not seek to control the World and WW3 is unlikely.    As we have discussed in many Murrinations, the CCP clearly seeks to eradicate democracy and impose its control and authority by force for decades and centuries to come. The evidence that we are on the road to war in 2025 is explained in my book Red Lightning and yet most people in the West are asleep to the clear and present danger.


  1. That the Doomsday Bubble will not burst with horrendous Consequences.   Bubbles are always driven by greed. The current Doomsday Bubble has been encouraged by US government policy which has created the largest and most extreme bubble in human history. Replete with sub-bubbles like Bitcoin and its other cryptocurrencies. Within all bubbles there is an unshakable conviction, thereby blinding or putting in a state of denial, its proponents. The Doomsday Bubble is driven by the concept of never going against the Fed. All such type convictions that drive bubbles are always broken, as will be this one.


  1. That Britain is not in an Expansive Phase of its Life Cycle.  Most people, both within Britain and beyond, cannot see the huge burst of national collective energy manifesting itself, despite many leadership errors. This, whilst the majority of the world's population cannot differentiate between a declining Western World led by America and a new rising Global Britain.


  1. That the Origins of the Wuhan Pandemic were manmade.   Most people believe that the virus was zoonotic while evidence is increasing to the point being overwhelming that it in fact came from a laboratory. Even fewer believe that its release was intentional, despite a huge body of the mosaic-like pieces of evidence to suggest that it most probably was. The evolution of the way truth is now coming out, after a period of suppression, is a clear study of the cascade of change in society today as it encounters the forces of denial.


  1. That Climate Change is manageable.  Back in 2005 when we wrote the draft form of the climate change chapter in BTCH and advocated for the evidence of dramatic climate change, most people were in denial. A position that has now shifted to collective acceptance. However, we are now in denial about the rate of climate change being far faster than we choose to recognise and thus climate change represents a much more a current present danger.


  1. That Our Human Origins are Terrestrial.    Most people have swallowed the idea that we crawled out of the Primordial Soup. However, the evidence is far stronger that bacteria arrived from space, meaning that life on earth was extraterrestrial and that space is in reality populated with untold life forms, even in its coldest darkest regions. This would imply that life in the universe is potentially far more prolific than we ever imagined.


  1. That we understand the Age of Human History.   The evidence that the Egyptian Sphinx was water weathered, places it at an age of some 14,000 years, while during the last ice ages rain regularly fell in the region. This and the fact that the Sumerian culture, with cities that had grids, accountants and lawyers, just appeared without any evidence of previous iterations, suggests that mankind's civilizations are older than we currently choose to recognise. The growing evidence of lost cities under the sea all points to an older human culture the predates the melting of the last ice age and that would have raised sea levels by 160m and inundated the prior human archaeology.


  1. That The Egyptians did not have Sophisticated stellar Knowledge.   How did the Egyptians know about the Sirius Dog Star? Sirius, the star in Orion's belt has a binary partner star known as the Dog Star. It was only visible by a telescope in 1860 and yet the Egyptians knew it existed and indeed knew about its dimension and orbital radius. So much so that it was interwoven into their monuments like the great pyramid at Giza and into its mythology of gods. This knowledge was interwoven with the god Dogon with similar linguistic names that exist across many ancient mythologies and civilizations. Foremost of which is the Dogon Tribe in western Africa. The concluding options are obvious: either mankind reached a very high level of civilization pre the melting of the ice age as per number 10 above, or the knowledge was passed on by another race who visited and interacted with humanity.


  1. That other Creatures living on the Earth are not sentient.   Much as once white societies considered black slaves to be less human to justify their appalling behaviour in advocating slavery, today we refuse to see the evidence that dolphins, whales octopus and primates exhibit multiple signs of intelligence and feelings. But because it is inconvenient we refuse to recognise their status as sentient creatures, that deserve mutual respect.


  1. That UFOs are not real    This is set against a mass of evidence that has built up since 1947 and post the explosion of the first atom bomb. The evidence is overwhelming, based on high quality military observations, that multiple objects move with ease between the mediums of space, air and water at speeds and in ways that reflect massless flight. They have not been built by mankind because they incorporate technology unavailable to mankind today. The overwhelming nature of the evidence is so great that we may be past the point of the debate of whether these objects are real, to one of the key questions being: "why are they here?" This is the subject of an upcoming Murrination.


  1. That Mankind does not faces a Moment of Consciousness or Catastrophe this Decade. Mankind's development of powerful technologies of war that could destroy our civilisation have led us to this decade and what could well be a key moment in the survival of our species. Both our historic actions and those of today have been and are being driven by our collective unconscious behaviour. One that employs Darwinist competition through conflict to maximise our anti entropy as discussed in  Theory of Anti Entropy in Human Systems.   In the process we have destroyed our living environment and will in all probability take mankind to the brink of WW3 this decade. This, unless we evolve to a new  state of collective consciousness that allows humanity to co-exist and yet continue to grow using other drivers than direct competition and confrontation. That is most likely to manifest itself as part of a large scale desire to travel to the planets and stars and from the development of cheap unlimited energy.


  1. That all of the above are Elements that are linked in a clear interlinked Pattern.    Answers as to how on  a postcard, as to what the potential linkages could be?


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