HK-PLA Intervention Now Almost Inevitable

HK-PLA Intervention Now Almost Inevitable

The above picture is but one of a sequence of photos sent from my man in HK. Rioting is centred in Kowloon and the centre of HK. In those areas the police have lost control and discipline, so it just a matter of time before the situation escalates and the PLA is called in.

The hesitation from President Xi has and continues to be the US trade negotiations, which he needs to be progressed. The HK population sense that weakness and have continued to push hard, knowing that when they go silent they will one by one be disappeared. 

Thus an escalation of the violence seems inevitable  as does PLA intervention. Which brings with it all the memories and risks of another Tienanmen square crack down, which would Force America to take a hard line response. Which in turn would increase the levels of polarisation between America and China to new levels as yet unseen.

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