Iran's Nuclear Aspirations

Iran represents the Shia World within Islam and was responsible for leading the challenges to the western geopolitical architecture in the region. However since then, that challenge has been taken up by the more populous Sunni World and the region has entered into a civil war of regionalisation to decide who and what value system will dominate the region. However, whilst Iran still desires leadership of the Islamic World, they no doubt realise that their goal is becoming increasingly difficult. The search for nuclear weapons’ capability that was once about power status and leadership , is also now from an Iranian perspective about securing its long term safety from the Sunnis. In that context, we cannot believe for a moment that Iran has given up its nuclear weapons’ program, despite the moderate Iranian facade of President Rouhani with whom Obama has been seeking to do a nuclear deal. However, the Iranian skills at deception mean that in all probability they are hiding a nuclear capability that is far closer to weaponisation and effective delivery than America is prepared to admit.



Just makes me wonder where the Saudi and the rest or the Sunni world concerning nuclear and bio weapons are? Can't believe they are just waiting!!!

The Saudis have very strong links with the Pakistanis who of course already have nuclear weapons. The assumption being that they thus have an insurance policy with a route to the technology. David.