Lessons From Noah and his Ark


Noah was a devout man who walked with God. Seeing that the earth was corrupt and filled with violence, God instructed Noah to build an ark in which he, his sons, and their wives, together with male and female of all living creatures, would be saved from the waters. We don’t know exactly how many years it took Noah to build the ark, but it must have taken a considerable length of time. However, despite communicating his warning of the impending flood, Noah and his family entered the ark alone, as there was no one else who joined them. According to the bible they waited in the ark for seven days before the flood began. When the rains came they did so for 40 days relentlessly. When the rains stopped and the sky became blue again the aftermath was that the earth remained flooded for 150 days or almost 6 months.

I suspect that this story dates back to between  the time between the last glacial maximum, 22,000 years and 8,000 years ago, when sea levels rose some 140 m. I have often wondered what people thought, who heard Noah's message. I have concluded that they would have dismissed him as crazy and continued with their daily lives. The leaders enjoying their wealth and privilege and the poor and lowly barely surviving day to day and all confident that their all-powerful gods would protect them against any such event. Replace gods with central banks and you might realise where I am going with this analogy!

Today, there is an inevitable flood coming in the form of accelerating global warming, that will melt the land ice and raise sea level far higher and sooner than most people realise. They too ignoring the inevitability of scientific evidence. The voices of extreme climate change, from those few who can see the reality, have fallen on the same deaf ears as did Noah's warning. From personnel experience, I can imagine and have experienced just  how frustrating it is to see something that is obvious and despite trying to warn everyone of the danger, watching people continue on with their daily lives, as if ignoring a problem will negate it.

But today well before the littoral zones of our civilization follow the fate of Atlantis, there is an imminent financial flood about to engulf the world. Instead of Noah's corrupt and violent world, we have a world that has been blown up with debt and leverage, that is about to implode. Triggered by the end of a global trading system as it bifurcates into American and Chinese spheres. Instead of Noah's divine word from God, after 35 years of modelling and trading markets and developing new and highly predictive Empire and human systems models, it is clear that the evidence is  all around us. However, the majority who have bought into the shared collective belief that the debt bubble is the new normal, are blind to its immanent bursting.

I launched Global Forecaster and my Arkent scenario last Autumn 2019 as I knew that the world was about to experience a financial crisis of the potentially larger magnitude than any in the 20th century. My Arkent scenario (named after the story of the Ark) has accurately predicted the various phases leading up to this point, and swiftly recognised the magnitude of impact that the Wuhan virus would have on the global economy in such a fragile condition. The same Arkent model also predicts the various phases of the unfolding global financial crisis in the months ahead.

My purpose has been to inform those that would listen and to advise my clients as to safe passage through the wealth destructive torrents ahead. My clients are those few who are sufficiently  individualistic and who have been open-minded enough to not be  blindly locked into the majority collective world view. One in which the central banks have created a new everlasting asset appreciating reality.  To those of you that sense something is very wrong, you are very right. At best we are about to see a 15%-30% market correction and at worst a decline that is as deep as 1929 which was 90%.Consequently, I would be happy to work with you as Asset Managers, HNWI’s or corporations to optimise your financial survival such that you are in a robust condition when the flood subsides.

To those of you unknowingly locked into the herd's thought process, who might consider me smart but extreme or just crazy. Perhaps my views were so terrifying that it was easier to put your hands over your eyes and ears? If so, I am sorry that I have not found a better way to break the news to you gently, so that you could see the danger. However, please know that I have done my very best to warn you and offer you a safe passage whilst keeping your winnings. The rational and safest approach would be to seek to find out more information and to subscribe to my market service and monitor the signals to this crisis, which would increase options for late action.

However, for those that do not see the danger, I fear that when the flood hits, the damage done in the first wave will be massive. But what follows subsequently, as central banks and investors try to use the same rationale that got us into this mess in the first place to extricate the world, will only make the situation far worse. Destroying more and more capital as the crisis moves through its gears.

So please feel free to join me in my Ark, you would be very welcome.  Or the other option is to endure the financial flood with the lights off!


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