President Xi, the undisputed master of China

Whilst the world has been focused on Trump's election and presidency, the last (following the Brexit vote and the election of Trump) of my three predictions for 2016 has come true; that President Xi would consolidate power to become as powerful as Mao.

With rumors that Xi has launched a project to serve beyond the normal two-term 5-year period that would normally end in 2023, it is clear that Xi and China's fate are now inextricably bound into the expected commodity inflationary peak of 2025/2026. This is notable as it will inevitably be Xi who presides over what Breaking the Code of History expects to be the greatest point of friction between the USA and China as commodity prices increase sharply from 2019 to 2025 into the peak. Furthermore, the current, rapid military expansion of the PLA and PLN and the island building programmes have all taken place under Xi's leadership and with his approval. As such, we are unlikely to see him change his expansionary programme in the years ahead, but rather we should expect to see China's aggressive behavior to achieve its goals become more pronounced as the USA under Trump seeks to contain its ambitions. This will inevitably include an acceleration of the newly commenced arms race coincident with a trade war and economic friction.

Notably, President Xi's hold over power in China is a major warning bell to the world, as centralised political control has been one of the key stages that expansive nations like Germany (twice) and Japan have manifested on their road to wars.


Concise and interesting!From what else I've read I think you're probably right.