South Africa; the wrongful persecution of Helen Zille

Whilst continuing to believe that the Democratic Alliance (DA) will win the 2019 election, there is one area that is a weak spot for the party.

That is the perception in the rural areas that its leader Mmusi Maimane is the puppet of a white party; an image the African National Congress (ANC) has been quick to reinforce. In an attempt to try to throw off that label, Mmusi has sought to face down and denounce Helen Zille, the former leader of the party. However, he has done so by censuring her over a comment that she made through a tweet that said "For those claiming the legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport, infrastructure, piped water". Whilst the comment might have provoked outrage in the  post-Apartheid world that tries to paint anything white as bad, it was true. So for Mmusi to attack her for a truth, only made him look weaker. Having apologised a long time ago, Helen is being placed in a corner from which she can only fight such an injustice.

Mmusi and Helen are now both in a position from which they cannot back down and it is the party that is suffering. The step forward for Mmusi to redeem himself and show real courage, wisdom and leadership, is to challenge the idea that Apartheid was not a black/white struggle, but rather a struggle by both the black tribes and the English white tribe against the white African tribe (Afrikaner). By restabilising that truth, the black people can be encouraged to trust the white people. I would also remind the black electorate that the DA originates from that very white English background. Such a truth would strengthen the DA and weaken the ANC fable that has supported it to date. After all, Helen was a strident anti-Apartheid campaigner. Most of all, I would demonstrate that Mmusi was a courageous leader who believes in the truth and has the courage to fight for it when needed. What better credentials could there be for South African leaders in waiting?

With an established leader perceived as strong in the African tribal sense, then the DA would be able to get back to winning the next election and move from a party of protest to one of future leadership!


Colonialism and Apartheid was only negative. Both are Economic rape. It started with the Boer wars that the British initiated. Let us look at the "cost and legacy of colonialism".
Boer war 1899 to 1902 loss of lives were estimated as follows.
42 000 woman and children ( 22 000 white and 20 000 black lives) in concentration camps/ camps of genocide.
23 000 South African soldiers ( 7000 white males and 16 000 black males)
326 000 horses died - 66% of the total head count of horses imported.
52 000 mules and donkeys died - 35% of total
30 000 houses destroyed in the Scorched earth/ Genocide policy
1 700 000 cattle killed in the /scorched earth policy

The positives cant really be seen as positives if you look at the cost of the wars before the looting of the riches of South Africa took place.

How many ounces of gold, and how many carats of diamonds were shipped to the UK under Colonial rule ? Where did the money came from to build an independent judiciary, transport, infrastructure, piped water ? Was it not because of what was produced in South Africa itself?

Economic rape ( Colonialism ) is equal to Economic rape ( Apartheid ).
The time of Economic rape was longer under Colonial rule than under Apartheid rule.