The Acceleration of US-China Polarisation

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US-China Polarisation

The polarisation process between China and America has been escalating over the past five years, as China’s challenge towards American power has become more obvious. China is the primary energy of polarisation and America the secondary response. This response only found a clear voice with the election of Trump and his policy of making America great again, one possessing a subtext of stemming the Chinese challenge. The trade war coupled with an acceleration of the arms race, was the first obvious manifestation.

The Wuhan pandemic has escalated the polarisation process to another level. The clearest response as the pandemic progresses, has been and will continue to be anti-Chinese sentiment for causing the virus and hiding its spread. The spotlight on the authoritarian and deceitful Chinese Communist Party will only highlight that the values of Western democracy and the CCP are in opposition. The CCP will fight back with all its might and cunning as this video demonstrates Chinese state media releases animated propaganda video mocking US coronavirus response.

This escalating polarisation process will end up isolating China. Resultantly, it will polarise itself against the West and accelerate the manufacturing of weapons and militarisation of its society. The world will be forced to respond in the months and years ahead.


The World’s Case Against China

China has demonstrated its true nature in the way it lied about the initial outbreak by hiding the true magnitude of the virus and its impact. On top of this it manipulated the WHO to its own ends. It is clear that China is entirely responsible for the virus, both at its source and in the way it misled the world. It is inevitable that the world will hold China accountable and as the situation polarises, Western courts will judge against China. This  may lead to expropriation of Chinese assets in Western spheres of influence, in turn triggering similar reprisals from the East.

As time progresses, doing business with the Chinese will be viewed as unacceptable on multiple levels in the West Global Backlash Builds Against China Over Coronavirus. In Africa, there could well be a reset in Chinese relations driven by the populations rather than Governments Will we see a post-Covid China-Africa reset?


China Will Move to a Higher Gear of Hegemonic Challenge

It is critical to examine the origins of the Wuhan Virus, so that  those that are responsible, must be held accountable. Clearly this is the CCP and its leader, President Xi, who’s regime is as dark as the one built by Hitler in the 1930's. China, just like the Third Reich before it, has hegemonic aspirations and has been waging an unrestricted asymmetric war against America for two decades. However, it is running out of time to make its move before the end of this decade. For President Xi, this virus is the catalyst to shift his challenge for global power into top gear. He will seek advantage from the effects of the virus on the West and do so ruthlessly, because he knows that the world now sees his intentions all too clearly. The time for the covert phase of China’s challenge has passed. It is likely that China will use the fallow industrial capacity from the drop in global demand, to focus on weapons manufacturing on a massive scale. Meanwhile, we should expect China to use all its cyber capabilities to infiltrate the worlds medical facilities that are developing vaccines and drugs to beat the pandemic.


US Debt and the US Dollar

America's power derives from the dollar being the world's dominant currency. China seeks to undermine and challenge the dollar's supremacy and will likely make its move in the near future China starts a major trial of state-run digital currency. We also expect to see China sell its US treasury holding this year.


A Third Group.

Whilst China is held responsible for the Wuhan Virus and America under Trump has become isolationist, the recent webinar lead by Boris with the rest of the world (America and China chose not to join in), suggests the potential for an new level of global co operation outside the hegemonic struggle. I have been suggesting that Britain has the opportunity to fill the vacuum of global leadership left by America, so it is interesting to see Boris and Britain initiating such a move driven by Britain’s leading role in vaccine development, and its expanding national energy.


The Clash of Democracy Versus Dictatorship and Authoritarian Rule

It was Germanys hegemonic aspirations that drove the primary polarisation that ultimately caused WW2 in Europe. Today it is Chinas primary polarisation that drives the world towards future conflict. As we are this week about to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Second World War’s conclusion, the topic seems fitting. Let us take a moment to examine the similarities between the past and the present. 

In Nazi Germany during the 1930’s soon before war broke out, there was state controlled media, persecution of minorities and authoritarian rule. Like in Nazi Germany, China controls the media. In the 2020 world press index, out of 180 countries ranked from most free to least free China sits at 177 (in the company of Syria, Iran and North Korea). Like Nazi Germany, China is persecuting minorities by placing millions of Uighurs in concentration camps. And like Nazi Germany, the country is headed by a de facto dictator in the form if Xi Jinping, a man who has removed all limits of tenure while in office. Both leaders share a common vision that their nations had and have a destiny to dominate the world and were and are prepared to use any means at their disposal to achieve that objective by becoming the dominant military power.

Whilst we celebrate a close and hard run victory in 1945, we seem blind to the repetition of exactly the same pattern that took Europe into conflict. Thus the escalation of secondary responsive polarisation in America and the west is long overdue, to face down a growing and deadly threat to the existence of Western democracy as we know it from the CCP and China.




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