The Battle at the Heart Of Boris' Government

the tree eleemets in government

During Brexit, we were able to predict the twists, turns and outcomes in a highly intense political conflict. This is because we used the transitional phase between the first stage of an empire (regionalization) and the second stage (expansion) as a roadmap. This transitory phase always takes the form of a civil war. In the case of Brexit it was, thankfully, a bloodless one. However, it was one that nonetheless resonated with the unmistakable energy of social change.

The underlying social energy that drove the process was the removal of the left-brain iterative leadership with a right-brain dominated government. The only downside of not having a war is that the system of government Boris inherited, was still left-brained. It represents a stagnation of incumbency that constrains creative expansion and mobilisation of the nation to its fullest potential. Previous examples of such transitions can be seen in the struggle around the Magna Carta, Henry VIII's destruction of 800 monasteries and the Catholic Church’s control of his nation, that evolved into the Catholic-Protestant struggle which culminated in the English Civil War.

Unfortunately, before Boris could make changes to his government, the pandemic hit. Thus, he was forced to work with people that were already in place. This explains why the performance of the government has been terrible. This entropy tsunami has brought to light the weakness of the current left-brain dominated UK governmental system, when faced with extraordinary events. The reality is that it will take the summer for Boris to initiate the key changes and transform the government from left to right-brain thinking.

As we have discussed in a previous Murrinations, I believe Sir Mark Sedwell personifies the energy of a left-brained incumbency. Merely weeks after we highlighted his failures, he has become a target in government and will inevitably lose all but one of his many hats of power.

Meanwhile, the storm that has been driven by the vitriolic British media, has no doubt been fuelled by the left brain incumbency that seeks Cumming's head to save their own necks. Whilst Cummings may well be a flawed personality, he is a vital agent of change for Boris and the nation, in the vital process of overhauling a UK governmental system that has become so ineffective. This manufactured Cummings crisis, should be viewed as an extension of the unfinished underlying process that drove Brexit. No wonder Boris is doing all he can to hold on to his senior advisor. Furthermore, when the storm passes and Cummings is still in power, there is no doubt that the first consequence will be swift retribution on the left-brained leaders as the long overdue winds of change sweep over No 10 and the government.

The attack against Cummings, represents Boris's battle with his own government to rejuvenate the system and complete the process that would have happened in a real civil war; a shift to the dominant institutional thought process from the incumbency of left-brained iterative thinking to creating efficient and adaptive leadership. This is a shift that is critical, if Britain is to manifest its true potential in a post-Brexit pandemic world, that has split into respective Western and Chinese spheres of influence. Additionally and of note, is that the left brained incumbency has favoured strong Chinese relations, whilst being blind to the threat it represents to British and Western society. Whilst the new and rising right-brained elements will be more likely to see the danger earlier and to act upon it decisively to preserve our nations future.




and kick out the Leftists who are ultimately/deliberately or accidentally doing China's work of weakening Britain. A Marxist/Islamist government, conceivable in 10/20 years time, will have the keys to our nuclear deterrent.