The Battle At The Heart Of The Boris Government Part 2


Whilst the Boris government’s response has been lamentable through every stage of the pandemic crisis, I have explained in The Battle At The Heart Of The Boris Government, the processes behind such a mess, as the right brained leadership battles with a left brained governmental system:

The attack against Cummings, represents Boris's battle with his own government to rejuvenate the system and complete the process that would have happened in a real civil war: a shift to the dominant institutional thought process, from the incumbency of left-brained, iterative thinking, to create efficient and adaptive leadership. This is a shift that is critical, if Britain is to manifest its true potential in a post-Brexit pandemic world, that has split into respective Western and Chinese spheres of influence. Additionally, and of note, is that the left brained incumbency has favoured strong Chinese relations, whilst being blind to the threat it represents to British and Western society. Whilst the new and rising right-brained elements will be more likely to see the danger earlier and to act upon it decisively to preserve our nations future.

I predicted that Cummings would prevail over his lock down allegations, that were driven by a briefing from those who knew they were about to lose their jobs. Like him or not, Cummings is the agent of entropy required to instigate a major change in the way the UK government is structured and operates in future, so that it becomes fit for purpose. Although Cummings will no doubt act like a forest fire and may, at times, be indiscriminate, the result will be the creation of space for new right brained growth to flourish, in which the those with a scientific and rigorous thought process, will finally increase in representation over those with a softer humanities background.

The first head to role on his hit list was Boris’s ex Permanent Secretary at foreign service, Sir Simon MacDonald, who stepped down early last week. However, the most significant change is today’s announcement that Mark Sedwill has been fired. It is rare in my Murrinations, that I single out a person who has been destructive and subversive to the nation he claims to serve, as outlined in  This Head Must Role.

With this pattern of failed judgment to act in defence of the realm, it is clear Mark Sedwill should be asked to resign. He should be replaced with an advisor who possesses the ability and commitment to secure the nation.

But in this case, the removal of Sedwill, represents the head of the snake of the subversive left brain incumbency of UK Government, and marks a turning point in British leadership and governance.  The process of transformation of the Government apparatus will inevitably take time, but it is a critical part of Britain transforming and expanding on its path to an expanded nation, as described in  Vision Britain 2025.

However I do have one serious concern. The security of the nation is paramount and the first responsibility of the PM and government.Thus the role of The National Security Advisor should not be taken lightly, as the consequences of failure such as Sedwells, to warn of the impending pandemic in January were catastrophic.Thus for Sedwell to be both the Cabinet Secretary and the NSA was ludicrous. I can only hope that the next NSA David Frost, will have the time , resources and capability to dedicate  to this vital role.

In a world where Britain faces concerted treats from a multitude of avenues, to not make this role both full time and one for an expert in the field, beggars belief and oozes  liberal delusion.