The Bear and The Dragon

Our biggest concern with respect to the crisis in Ukraine has been  that the western alienation of Russia and associated sanctions would push Russia into the arms of China. The speed with which this has started to take place should have the policy makers in Washington in a tail-spin, especially in light of the impending May 20th state visit by Vladimir Putin to Beijing. The new alignment will no doubt initially be based on the substitution of western capital for Chinese capital.
At the same time one should expect increased political and military co-operation between Russia and China when facing America, their common antagonist. America has only a short time before the official visit to re-adjust its foreign policy and attitude to Russia before the inevitable official announcements that are likely to follow from Beijing that will cement the new understanding.
Whatever profound and painful differences Russia and China may have had in their long troubled history and still experience currently, if the West does not adopt a new stance quickly then America 's relationship with the Bear and The Dragon henceforth may well be dominated by the old phrase, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend', creating a strategic re-alignment with the most serious negative consequences for the West.