The Chinese really are coming

Since 2005, Breaking the Code of History has predicted the rise of Chinese economic power that would directly compete with the American empire. The nature of the competition would be economic and would then be followed by resource competition and a simultaneous Chinese military expansion that would inevitably result in the rise of Chinese blue water naval capabilities to challenge the USN and its allies.

At the time, some 12 to 14 years ago and as recently as a few years ago, the majority of people I met did not accept this inevitable rising conflict. However today, even to the blind this BTCH prediction should now be obvious. The Chinese GDP on a purchasing parity basis is now equal to America's. The Belt and Road resource strategy is now well and truly on display to the world as is China's desire to make Africa a key resource basin. Meanwhile, during the height of the Libyan crisis, PLN warships transited the Suez Canal to evacuate Chinese citizens in the region. This was a significant step in PLN power projection. Since then, the PLN has started operating its first carrier with more to follow and have extended their reach via the island chain construction programme. Then significantly last week in July, a PLN type 052D 10,000 tonne 'state of the art' PLN destroyer entered the Baltic to join exercise with the Russian navy out of Kaliningrad.

With a proven accuracy of predicting the rise of a militaristic China, its seems crazy that the BTCH is not more widely recognised by politicians.

The pattern of PLN development is very clear and yet amoungst the western powers, only the USN is planning an enlarged ship building programme. Why the UK government does not react to the obvious simultanous rise of Russian and especially Chinese naval power is a national disgrace and is placing Britain and the West into great danger.