The Deadly Dance of the Eagle and the Dragon Part 1: Introduction

It has been some 17 years since the genesis of Breaking The Code of History (BTCH) which followed the 9/11 attacks, and 8 years since its publication in 2010.

The first core geopolitical observation was that the dominant geopolitical organizational structure that had shaped the modern world had been based on the Super Western Christian Empire (SWCE), comprising a sequence of national empires. Initially the Empire was dominated by the maritime Portuguese, followed by the Spanish, who were eclipsed by the continental power of the French, who in turn were dwarfed by the global maritime power of Britain. Finally came America. In essence America is the last of the empires of the SWCE and it is in the terminal stage of decline. Meanwhile in a global balance of human planetary entropy the Super Asian Empire (SAE) is in the ascendancy. This is driven by the second empire of China, which is rapidly moving into the vacuum created by American decline.

Now that 17 years have passed it makes sense to review how the two empires have progressed along their respective paths on the five stages of Empire Cycles. This great West to East power shift in today's global world is a geopolitical event of such magnitude that it only occurs every 400 to 500 years. Its’ global impact will touch every human on the planet over the next decade and as such should be of interest and concern to everyone.

The predictive power of the Five Stages of the Empire model helps us to understand how human systems work. Behaviour can be anticipated in a way that no conventional analysis system can match. This has been illustrated in the accuracy and detail of previous predictions generated by the BTCH model.

The vital question that any reader should be asking at this stage is:

“Having predicted the time sequence so accurately up to this point what does the model predict for the next decade?”

The answer is a very sobering one and was outlined in the book of the future within BTCH. The mechanics of such power shifts is such that the rate of power change is always regulated by the decline of the Hegemon, whose decline creates the power vacuum into which the rising power moves. This article is designed to update the progress of this great power shift with an analysis of the dynamic between the Eagle and Dragon.

In a series of articles over the days ahead we will commence with an anaysis of America, "the Eagle" and follow with China, "the Dragon".



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