The End of the Brexit Civil War Part 2: The Predictive Power of the Five Phase Life Cycle

Brexit predictions

From a Murrinations perspective our coverage and correct analysis in complex detail of the Brexit Civil wars outcomes using the Five Phase Growth Cycle, has once more shown the power of this model to understand and predict collective human behaviour. As such, I hope it will further spark your engagement and transmission of the concepts to others. To that end, I have included a summary key quotes from my Murrinations in predicting the Brexit outcomes, which were often contrary to all accepted expectations.

1.      5th January 2016 The shift of politics to the right. With respect to the state of British politics, as predicted by BTCH concepts, it has moved to the right; driven by the need for wealth creation.

2.      26th April 2017 May’s election One thing that BTCH can predict at this stage, before the election, is that the more May moves to the right in exposing wealth creation policies, the larger will be her majority. Gravitating around the centre will inevitably only weaken May’s position and future majority.

3.      5th Oct 2017 That Boris would be the next PM after May Thus, the only choice will be Boris as the next PM. Noticeably, he very smartly did not challenge May in his speech, but rather supported her as Brutus never becomes Caesar in politics. He has matured in the past year in his post of Great Office of State and I think by the model of Breaking the Code of History's leadership profile that he is the only possible candidate in the field.

4.      5th Oct 2017 That May would be the worst leader since King John As we have often described in the context of Breaking the Code of History, Prime Minister May falls into the model of a dictator post a regional civil war, employing the energy of force and coercion to keep both previously warring factions together for the sake of the nation’s future. However, May does not have the force or energy to pull this role off. Indeed, she could be described as the accidental dictator, whose delusional self-image got the better of everyone else’s judgement.

5.      5th Oct 2017 Boris would be the Next PM. Thus, the only choice will be Boris as the next PM. 

6.      8th May 2019 The Impending resignation of PM May and that Death By May In an earlier Murrination Brexit and its Parallels The English Civil War, I observed that May was behaving much as Charles 1st had done, by exhibiting a divine right in her belief to rule. Indeed it is remarkable how many images of May are captured when she leaves or arrives at her church. May’s delusion that she should continue as PM, in the face of the broadest rejection by the people, the house and her party demonstrates a separation from the reality that only a narcissist could exhibit when challenged by all those around her.I further noted that if May stayed in power she would destroy everything that she was connected with. A prophesy that has come to pass very swiftly.

7.      That Boris will become the greatest leader since Thatcher. 8th Nov 2019 my theories on how great leaders connect to their nation's collective aspirations at critical times have been clearly demonstrated by Boris. Since taking office he has manifested great qualities of leadership, using all legal and unconventional strategies to break an intractable deadlock in Parliament.

8.      2nd Sep 2019 That once Boris was in power Brexit became a certainty. The Brexiteers take the Conservative Party (The turning point of the war)Thanks to the formation of the Brexit Party and its success at the European elections the Conservatives were forced to elect the one man whose Brexit credentials could trump Nigel Farage and also win a general election. And thus the Conservative Party and the power of the Government moved into the hands of Boris and the Brexiteers. For the first time, the Brexiteers controlled the high ground and the levers of power. A victory that almost has guaranteed that Britain will leave 

9.      2nd Sep 2019 The mechanism by which Cumming laid the groundwork for a massive Conservative Victory outlined on 11/9 2019 The Battle of Parliament (The Remainers last stand). And The Brexit Wars Final Battle -Who has the natural advantage of leadership? The tables have been reversed and it is the Remainers who have now been banished and reduced to a resistance movement. As a left-brain movement, the Remainers just do not have the strategic thought process to win this asymmetrical last stage battle. So the odds on this basis are firmly in Boris’s favour. More so because Boris has harnessed government to his and his teams right-brained lateral strategies, maximising the impact of each movement on the chessboard towards checkmate.

10.  21 Oct 2019 That the conservatives would win the election even before it was called  the narrative of People against Parliament has now been etched in stone ensuring that a landslide Conservative victory at the next election which will inevitably take place before the end of the year. That inevitability is expressed by Labours' attempts to call a second referendum knowing that they will lose an election. Meanwhile Sterling will continue to remain strong.

11.  8th Nov 2019 A new form of Political Party The Conservative election slogan; Unleashing Britain's potential is absolutely spot on and will resonate very strongly. Boris’s liberal views coupled with a clear understanding that the nation will only move forward when the whole nation is motivated and rewarded to be productive will usher in a new form of politics for the decades ahead. One where wealth creation is coupled with wealth distribution. 

12.   8th Nov 2019 That Boris would win a working majority and get 345 seats or more I predict that Boris will win a clear working majority if not a landslide victory’

13.  8th Nov 2019 That Boris’s political  appeal would be In summary Boris is now a proven leader who has created unexpectedly positive results in the Brexit process, his appeal outside the Westminster bubble has never been higher. He is viewed as the champion of the people and the 52% who voted for Brexit, plus those who voted to remain who have observed the obstructive and duplicitous behaviour of Parliament. Looking forward to the weeks ahead as the best campaigner in British politics I would expect that his popular appeal will only strengthen into December 12th. His promise of the swiftest path to Brexit and a very clear aspirational vision of Britain is unrivalled in the other leaders and parties.

14.  8th Nov 2019 The narrowing of the Conservative lead would not replicate the 2017 election, but would rather go the other way as it indeed did on poling day.

15.  8th Nov 2019 That Farage and his Brexit party would become a political irrelevance in this election and going forward He will have lost his status and sadly be remembered as the politician who, driven by his ego, reached too far.

16.  27th Nov 2019 I predicted The end of the Labour Party and that they would get sub 200 votes As we move into that last two weeks before the election the polls are indicating that all of my predictions for the Brexit Election with respect to the results are coming to pass .i.e That the Conservatives would win a 345 plus seat majority and that support for the Labour Party would implode. The presidential dynamic will now work in reverse against Corbyn in the next few weeks and he and his party are heading for a sub 200 seat result

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