The Equity Party Is Over


For those following my Arkent and Market analysis, you will know that I called the high of Phase 2 (the stock market correction from the March lows) as it unfolded on June 10th. Since then the majority of the Western stock markets including Japan dropped sharply and then corrected sideways. However, we should now see some impressive drops as phase 3 unfolds to test the March lows in the months ahead.

In the meantime, a few US tech stocks have been in a massive bubble and going crazy to the upside, distracting the majority of investors from the other indexes and the real story. In short, the stock investor market delusion is now on the way to meeting the hard economic reality of an unfolding global depression. With the stock markets decline, we will see an ominous darkening of social mood and the major geopolitical upheavals already described in previous Murrinstions.




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David is surely right. What companies are going to be making increasing profits and able to pay dividends in the near/nid future? Sadly not many.