The Failures Of Lockdowns And Boris Johnson


1.0 Lockdowns Were Disastrous

When history looks back on the pandemic, the evidence is very clear that any leader and government that enacted lockdowns will inevitably be be condemned for the folly of their actions and the consequential damage that they caused.

Indeed, taking the UK as an example, Global Forecaster has argued, from early March 2020, that total lockdowns were never the policy solution to the pandemic and were doomed to failure from the outset. This was based on information that came out of Wuhan in early February that correlated age with the mortality rate. Thus, we concluded that a partial lockdown of the over 60s would have allowed the economy to continue to function whilst protecting the most vulnerable.

We went on record at the onset of the first lockdown to say that history would judge total lockdowns as the wrong policy response. This was because they would not inhibit the spread of the virus, but the economic, health and social impact would inflict grievous self-harm upon any nation that did so, subsequently weakening Britain’s and any other nations' ability to respond to the even greater Chinese military threat into 2025.

That very same perspective is finally gaining traction as exemplified by Lord Frost’s recent article that Lockdowns were a mistake. In the UK, we labelled the policy’s advocates as the Lockdown Brigade and its leader as Michael Gove. We can only hope that, in time, they will be further exposed and held accountable for enacting such a damaging policy, which was certainly not grounded in scientific logic.

Whilst the first lockdown might just be forgiven, the subsequent lockdowns with more data available to underline that there was no scientific evidence for the policy were unforgivable, as was the government's imposition of induced collective fear to enact them. Even more damming is that there is some evidence that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fostered the myth that lockdowns worked and were the only policy option, and the stricter the better. Their motivation was to ensure that the Western economies suffered the maximum damage during the pandemic, propaganda that our so-called ‘scientific experts’ took hook, line and sinker.


2.0 Boris Johnson Is A Dead Man Walking

Global Forecaster also predicted in November 2021 that Boris Johnson was a dead man walking to his inevitable execution in early 2022. Today, he stands in front of the executioner's block. It seems ironic that whilst, to many, it's about Johnson’s flouting of the rules that he imposed on his nation, and his subsequent dishonesty, it is even more about his incompetence.

Ironically, Johnson has become a victim of his policy of lockdown folly, which was the first sign of his incompetence. Initially, Johnson was on the right track to follow Sweden’s open model, which has proven immeasurably more successful by every metric than the UK lockdown model. Until, due to poor planning, the cabinet realised that they had not incorporated the protection of the most vulnerable into their plan, surely the most fundamental element of any plan, with the information available at the time that had come out of Wuhan correlating age and vulnerability.

This huge strategic error came on the back of the government's slow recognition of the pandemic threat, which was the ultimate responsibility of Mark Sedwill, the National Security Adviser, who we argued in an earlier Murrinations Insight, This Head Must Roll, was never fit for such an office.

These two appalling errors of strategic judgement then defined the nation’s and Johnson's next two and a half years. One that unnecessarily amplified the national trauma of a global pandemic (as outlined below in 3.0) and set the tone for Johnson's consistent failure through incompetence and poor judgement.

Chamberlain was, in 1940, finally forced to resign over the disastrous Norway campaign after years of poor leadership. Today, Johnson has proved that instead of being a Churchill, he is a Chamberlain, whose leadership (except for navigating Brexit to its conclusion) has been disastrous for the nation. As such, it is time that Johnson takes full responsibility and resigns, to preserve some semblance of self and national dignity.

Meanwhile, we expect that other leaders who have advocated similar lockdown/pandemic strategies will be held accountablee by the people they lead, suffering collapsing popularity and ultimately removed from office. Joe Biden is certainly suffering from this dynamic, with a 33% approval rating that will only get worse with time.


3.0 The Failings Of Lockdowns And Associated Government Policies

The below is a summary of the failures of the lockdown policy and thus Boris Johnson as the nation’s leader. Please note that Global Forecaster made all of these points in real-time during the pandemic.

  1. Poor use of data. They ignored the data that came from China as early as 2020, that SARs-2 was dozens of times more dangerous for high-risk groups and older adults than for young people who are not in risk groups. Despite the clear data, they failed to implement a partial lockdown that would have then secured the old and vulnerable but kept the economy moving, and given them time to evaluate the best overall health and economic response.
  2. Poor scientific advice. They took linear advice in an entropic situation from a small and narrow-minded group of scientists called SAGE, some of which had terrible predictive track records, such as Prof. Neil Ferguson, who at all times acted in ‘group think’ mode. Then when this perspective was challenged by the ‘Barrington Declaration’, signed by more than 60,000 scientists and medical professionals, rather than an open scientific debate that would have changed the policy response, they were all shamed into silence.
  3. Inaccurate reporting systems. They set up a COVID reporting mechanism that used the term ‘died with COVID’, the government knowingly exacerbated the excess data figures and attributions to ensure that their flawed policies were enacted. Furthermore, instead of setting up a national reporting standard of excess deaths, they chose to use total deaths. This also included briefing so-called 'scenic modellers' with the policies that they planned to implement, so that the outputs could be shown to justify their desired actions. Without accurate data, there could never have been an effective policy response that monitored cause and effect and then took modifying actions to improve the policy strategies.
  4. The failure of the NHS. They failed to use the pandemic to reform the NHS under emergency measures, to increase the efficiency of the NHS from diabolical to anything better and thus to raise the number of beds available. The limiting capacity then defined the government’s lockdown threshold for that erroneous policy. The NHS was designed to save the British people, so when the population was asked to save the NHS, something was very wrong indeed.
  5. Lockdown failure. They refused to admit that, despite over a hundred years of past pandemic data, a pandemic comes in three distinct waves that fade by themselves. Any containment policy must thus be certain of the transmission mechanism, and thus how it can be interrupted. By the second lockdown, it was clear that lockdowns did not interrupt the transmission process, just that they have been applied at the height of the spread when it would have started to fade anyway. Instead, the government insisted on attributing every decline of a wave solely to their actions, and so claiming that, through false propaganda, ‘they overcame the plague’ and defeated it. As such, they politicised the pandemic to their own ends.
  6. Lockdown destruction. The failures to separate the age-appropriate policy responses matched to risk has meant that the young, who are not at risk, have had their education severely damaged with untold consequences for the future, making children feel guilty, scared, driven to smoke, drink, addiction, drop out, whilst harming especially entrepreneurial businesses’ livelihoods, the economy, human rights, mental health and the nation's physical health.
  7. Transmission how? Two years later, the government still has not recognised that a respiratory virus such as SARS-2 transmits in ways still not fully understood and thus cannot be, as of yet, contained.
  8. Vaccination madness. Having made vaccination the main UK national defence strategy, which worked in the second wave to protect the old and irrevocably break the linkage between infections and deaths, the ‘vaccine brigade’ then went crazy in forcing children under 20 to be vaccinated under duress of social pressure. Children were never at risk as their immune systems were more than a match for the virus, even more so in the face of the evidence that vaccines disable broad-spectrum immune responses, especially in the young, as the vaccines did not stop transmission of the virus, which is especially the case with Omicron.
  9. Side effects? Never? There has been no effective system for reporting side effects from the vaccines and reports on side effects have even been suppressed, which because of the plethora of government manipulation through the pandemic has eroded trust and needs to be rectified.
  10. Ongoing real-time review process. The government failed to set up an independent body to review, as an ongoing process, all and every one of the government’s actions as a red team, and to then feedback their findings into enhanced responses throughout the pandemic.
  11. No cost-benefit analysis. Never once during the pandemic was there a cost-benefit analysis to the government's pandemic response. If there had been, it would have shown that the economy had become dangerously burdened by unnecessary debt, weakening our policy response to the ongoing arms race with China.
  12. The application of collective coercion. The government using fear as the means to create obedience to the lockdown rules by controlling the narrative of TV and media has no precedent in British history. These measures, when compared to the very limited magnitude of the threat, are unjustifiable.
  13. The cure was worse than the virus. In terms of the overall nation’s health, the long-term impact of the huge number of future lives lost, which will be attributed to the stoppage around ongoing NHS treatment and care of most other illnesses, will become apparent in the years ahead. In all probability it will exceed the real inflated losses from COVID.
  14. The manufacture of the Omicron crisis. Our Murrinations Insights, Johnson Seeks To Amplify The Impact Of Omicron To Aide His Political Survival and Omicron – Johnson's Manufactured Crisis, only affirmed every aspect of the above failures, which made clear to a population over a threat that was nothing more than a common cold. It was Johnson's response that put the failure of every government policy into stark relief, and one that was motivated by the need for a distraction from his political woes. The evidence from South Africa that this was in fact the variant that would inoculate the population and shift the pandemic to endemic status was always clear. The continuation of control policies long after the peak of the infection cycle only once more confirms total government incompetence.
  15. Making our homes Into prisons. The lockdown isolation rules imposed by the government have, with the exception of the old and clinically vulnerable, made this pandemic unique. For the first time in history, a government has made a population fearful of testing positive, not because of the the effects of the virus but rather because of the psychological and practical impact of consequences of being imprisoned and isolated in one's own home.
  16. Manipulated by the CCP. The leaders who bought into lockdowns were essentially suckered into the construct by the CCP narrative that they were the only effective response. With the intention of maximising the destruction of Western economies, that would increase the debt burden and thus reduce their ability to spend on defence in the unfolding arms race against China. Gulable people should not be leaders.
  17. Failure to hold the CCP responsible for the pandemic. The pandemic has exposed many strange governmental responses, but by far the greatest anomaly is its failure to call out the CCP for their obvious responsibility for the pandemic and its links to a military-grade biological weapons programme. (Read: The Unnatural Origins Of The Wuhan Pandemic And The Geopolitical Consequences.)
  18. A total entropic failure of leadership and government. Lastly, government actions have brought the public’s trust in the institution of the UK Government (and any other governments that have implemented lockdowns) and the prime minister to an unprecedented low, having eroded its source of authority, through a poor response throughout the entropic crisis of the pandemic. If we had been at war, we would have lost to all but a small Pacific island nation.


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