The Theory of Anti-Entropy In Human Systems: Part 3

EN6 Love

6.0 Anti-Entropy And The Power Of Love

Principle 9: Love = Anti-Entropy. The power of attraction bonds human collective systems; the stronger the bonds between individuals, the greater the collective coherence, and thus the greater the levels of collective anti-entropy of the system.

The values of love are cultural and individual, and systems that can harness this powerful emotion across all age groups gain higher levels of anti-entropy. The Western Christian Super Empire, with its Christian values, used this dynamic to strengthen its social structure. Christianity may not be perfect, but its prime message is increased love within society and its greatest manifestation to date has therefore been the Western Christian Super Empire.

In humans, the process of bonding love starts with parental love, which is critical for the growth of healthy, productive offspring. Conversely, hate is the opposite force as it dissociates and fractures societies. Thus, a society whose values facilitate love on a broad scale is more likely to be successful in the long term. The Buddhist message of love, dating back to 500BC, is, therefore, more powerful than we perhaps have ever recognised. The most critical phase of human growth of the brain that shapes one's whole life concerning future health and happiness is the first five years. Resultantly, how we are parented and receive love is critical. We could conjecture a society that places increased awareness and support for parenting, especially in the early phase, will in future generations become more capable and productive. The work of the Duchess of Cambridge in this field is to be applauded but is also coincident with a forward-looking mindset of post-Brexit Britain. From another perspective, China’s one-child policy may have increased the levels of love and care parents transmitted to their offspring, creating unintentionally positive anti-entropy effects.

On the other end of the spectrum, in Tibet, the forced removal by the CCP of children from their families for indoctrination has caused untold pain and suffering, as was its intention. It has created a generation of children without sufficient parental love, with untold consequences.


7.0 Individual Levels Of Anti-Entropy


Individual or group levels of anti-entropy are a product of both genetic hardwiring and upbringing. They exist in a spectrum of behaviours that we have described below, in both lateral- and linear-thinking individuals.

  1. 15% are ‘The Leaders’ who possess a positive mindset and who are the creative, energetic leaders of human society that are predominantly lateral thinkers. This group optimises anti-entropy by harnessing chaos and fluid situations, enhancing collective beliefs and coherence which in turn optimises collective anti-entropy. These are not only the traditional leaders that rise to authority from the bottom to the top of society, but  are the ground-breaking engineers, entrepreneurs, doctors, film-makers and artists that shape societies. They are, broadly speaking, anti-entropy super positive.
  2. 65% are ‘The Body’ who are, broadly speaking, neutral and linear thinkers who are dominated by a strong unconscious sense of collective thought and action. ‘The body’ is then activated by the energy of those at the extremes of this scale, to varying degrees, depending on the phase of society within the Five-Phase Lifecycle. ‘The body’ is, broadly speaking, anti-entropy positive.
  3. 18% are ‘The Unaffirmed’. Lacking essential parental love, they are unconsciously self-destructive in varying degrees and, by extension, act with entropy on the system. They demonstrate varying degrees of social camouflage that present the perception of constructive behaviour, which is then mixed with intermittent destructive behaviour. They are, broadly speaking, anti-entropy neutral to negative.
  4. 2% are ‘The Malevolent’. These people consciously act with entropy. They spend their lives perfecting the art of deception, both to themselves and to others. They develop a sophisticated social camouflage that allows them to become trusted and/or valued. Once in that position, they wreak havoc under their own agenda. They very often start by using covert energy which only when their trap has been sprung becomes overt. Only when placed under stress will their true character reveal itself. There is no compromise to be made with such people, only to remove them totally. As the universe’s trend is for entropy, it takes far fewer acting from this mindset to effect a destructive outcome. If a system is cleansed of the unaffirmed, it will self-organise into a powerful mechanism of anti-entropy.

As we described in the Theory of Human Collective Systems, human social systems are self-organising. Thus, the key function of an effective leader is to ruthlessly remove all of the malevolent elements and all or the majority of the unaffirmed elements, whereupon the system will self-organise and normalise, and demonstrate considerably increased productivity and anti-entropy.


8.0 Danger Ahead

EN8 Danger ahead

Whilst the old mechanism of an empire’s anti-entropy has served humanity well to date, with the destructiveness of modern warfare and high population density that is increasingly resource dependent, we are at the point where our old, unconscious habit of going to war to remove a declining empire and replace it with a rising one could destroy the whole human DNA gene pool in a massive act of mean reversion. That is, unless we can find new ways to optimise human anti-entropy with new non-combative mechanisms.

Option 1 Removing inter-human competition as the engine for optimising anti-entropy with an external objective such as colonising our solar system.

Option 2 Substitute our current process of destructive competition through a more constructive form of competition that is contained within a shared social construct from becoming violent. BREXIT is the prime example of a new way to manage age-old social pressures that would once have needed a bloody civil war but today have been contained by the democratic process.

Option 3 AI and automation lessen the proportion of liner-thinking genes in future generations increasing the proportion of lateral-thinking genes and thus increasing collective creativity and anti-entropy.

Option 4 Enhanced education to increase human anti-entropy potential by increasing the collective education, awareness and consciousness of humanity, whilst remembering that consciousness directly interacts and affects the physical universe, increasing anti-entropy levels.



9.0 Applying The Theory of Anti-Entropy To Enhance Your Organisation

The implications of this theory to understand human systems are extremely far-reaching. By applying these principles, it is possible to enhance an organisation, from a nation to a company to a sports team. If you are interested, please see our Global Strategist products.