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The role of National Security Advisor in America is one of the key roles in the US administration. Yet, in the British government, the role of the National Security Advisor has far less importance. This is exemplified by the fact the current holder of this office, Sir Mark Sedwill, simultaneously holds another job as Cabinet Secretary, where he is Head of the UK Civil Service, leading over 400,000 civil servants in HM Government and the Devolved Administrations. This divided responsibility means that Sedwill is unable to concentrate fully on his role as National Security Advisor. A ridiculous situation for a nation the size of Britain. Consequently, the UK is now in an extremely vulnerable position.

The security of the nation is the paramount responsibility of the government. Despite this, Britain's national security failings have now reached catastrophic levels that demand the current NSA be fired immediately. A number of these failings are detailed below:  

  1. In a world where America, Russia and China have devoted huge resources to expanding their kinetic forces, the NSA has undermined an increase in defence budgets at every corner. Instead, Sedwell has promoted the ridiculous concept that cyber warfare makes such investment irrelevant. Without kinetic forces working in tandem with cyber, an effective defence/offense cannot be mounted in the modern world against another advanced power.
  2. At a time when the plight of the Uighurs was known to the world, the NSA actively promoted greater trade links with China. His advocacy of Huawei providing 5G into the UK is undeclared. However, we can surmise this advocacy through his response to a leak on 5G when he was said to be “deeply unhappy” over the disclosure of highly sensitive ministerial discussions about Huawei’s bid to develop Britain’s 5G mobile networks.
  3. With the knowledge that the NHS would be unable to cope with an epidemic dating back to 2016, any hint of an event such as the Wuhan Virus charging over the horizon should have sent alarm bells ringing through No 10. The failure of Britain to respond swiftly to clear signals has to rest in the hands of the NSA.
  4. The number of senior members of the government who have contracted the virus suggests a lack of biological security protocols in place to protect it. This is a key national security failure. With the upper echelons of government debilitated, the nation's ability to cope with the pandemic is handicapped.
  5. A critical component of national security is the protection of the head of government. The idea that Boris was self-isolating and was as sick as a dog for a week, when it is well known that a sustained temperature for seven days is a high risk symptom of the virus taking hold in the lungs, is deeply worrying to any observer.  The result of the incubation becomes highly probable and once in that state the life expectancy is only 50%. Put simply, would the Americans have left Trump in the White House alone and sick for seven days? I think not! He would have been placed in a hospital long before Boris was.   

With this pattern of failed judgment to act in defence of the realm, it is clear Mark Sedwill should be asked to resign. He should be replaced with an advisor who possesses the ability and commitment to secure the nation.


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