Trump Has Chosen The Wrong Enemy

Trump Has Chosen The Wrong Enemy?

In previous Murrinations, I mentioned that as Trump fell behind, as an unconstrained narcissist, I expected that he would make irrational mistakes that compounded the demise of his second term as President.

Ten Days Ago, on Mount Rushmore, Trump did just that, by taking aim at the liberals and anti-racists and making himself the presumptive champion of America's traditional values. In so doing, he picked the wrong enemy. Instead of choosing China and the CCP, who are the real threat to America, to bond his disparate nation, he instead further polarised his divided nation.

This begs the question as to why he shied away from confronting China and not making it the basis of his election policy. The answer may have been given by Bolton, who was Trump’s national security advisor and whose new book spills the beans. He commented about a conversation in which Trump asked Xi for his help to be re-elected. This may explain why Trump has not taken aim at China with more than words, over the origins of the pandemic. In that Trump sees a high stock market as the arbiter of his economic success and raised tensions with China could, in his mind, cause the stock market to fall. However, what he fails to understand, is that with the unprecedented inflows of FED support into the markets, the stock markets as an indicator of economic health, have decoupled from the reality of the majority of middle and lower-income earners, who are now barely staying afloat. To them, wealth distribution is the only hope of survival. A life belt that Biden’s, or any other democrat’s electoral manifesto, will deliver.

Meanwhile, Xi’s unprecedented aggressive behaviour in every sphere of his foreign policy, might not just be correlated to the disabling effects of the pandemic on America, but to Xi’s judgement that Trump will not act against him, for fear of its impact on the stock market and thus his election chances. If so, Trump's narcissistic behaviour has weakened America’s hegemonic position significantly, in contravention of his promise to make America Great Again.

Since early January, against popular opinion, I have been predicting that Trump would lose this election. He is now trailing in the poles and has chosen the wrong enemy and his fate is sealed.




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