Trump's perspective on climate change today

Years ago, it was China who refused to recognise climate change, because it believed that to do so would inhibit its industrial grow and completion with America. Then, at a critical point, China ratified the Kyoto Protocol as a Non-Annex Party to the Convention on Climate Change, in which status it was not required to limit greenhouse gas emissions under terms of the agreement. The reason was because China felt that in time it would win its challenge against America and asked the question as to what sort of world it would inherit. Such behaviour was interpreted as an emerging nation adopting the attitude appropriate to a major developed power. It was effectively a huge sign of strength.

Meanwhile, Trump's choice to refute climate change is the very opposite and is a sign of national weakness as he abandons the moral leadership of the world in an attempt to keep ahead of Chinese industry and economic power. He has in his mind directed the national energy to beating the more immediate threat of China over the longer term threat of climate change. So, perhaps Trump's view is not as illogical as it seems from an American perspective with the generally accepted evidence.

That is assuming that the rate of climate change is as slow as two degrees in the next 80 years. However the reality of climate change according to Breaking the Code of History (BTCH) is that we have already built in a temperature shift in excess of 10 plus degrees with current CO2  levels. As such, the Paris Agreement will not save the biosphere from radical change, rather only the extraction of what we have put in above the pre-industrial levels will achieve that. A reality that has not even entered the radar screens of either China or the EU. Thus, Trump's call was in our opinion the wrong one, as it has discouraged a global response to what is going to be an enormous problem for the world and one that will disadvantage the old world compared to the new world. Why? Because younger systems always have more energy to adapt to new challenges, and Trump's America is the former and not the later.

Review of BTCH climate change evidence

BTCH dedicated a whole chapter to climate change and its under-estimated impact on our climate in a much shorter duration than we currently expect. The argument is encapsulated in three slides:

1. The rise of CO2 levels, well out of the 800,000 years range indicated from the ice cores.


2. The correlation of temperature and CO2 levels over time. Implying that we have built in a 10 plus degree temperature change without taking into account the increase in methane that is 20 times more powerful in its green house effect compared to Co2.

3 The so called hiatus in temperature increase, occurred due to the ocean absorbing the heat as giant heat sinks. Meanwhile, surface weather energy has continued to increase as has average oceanic wave height. A sure sign that energy absorption is taking place that will in time shift back to produce temperature increases at an accelerated rate.