UKIP's Civil War




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That's a good comparison but I think it's a little more complex. Nigel's promise to resign if he didn't win a Westminster seat was a rash suggestion, made when he thought he couldn't lose. But having lost, which was a shock to him, his first impulse was to do the decent thing. But then realising that there was no one else REMOTELY capable of representing the party, he had to un-resign to save not just his baby but a vital hope for Britain's future. UKIP is more than a business, it is the only party seriously challenging the group-think brain-deaqd consensus that we need to give away our country to the fraudulent European Union to flourish; far from it.

The problem for Farage is that he's actually a decent man who doesn't have the killer instinct to dump officials who fail and he's surrounded himself with nice losers; most of his key staff either have little on their CVs to justify their exalted positions or are MEPs who did embarrassingly badly in the General Election. Not one of his close aides has real talent. So, he's back to running the shop on his own!