Where are the Political Heroes when we need them? Part 1 "The empire cycle and leadership"

The deadlock and failure of western governments to lead their countries effectively is a symptom of where these nations are within their empire cycle. In this sequence of blogs I will seek to put into perspective the current predicament within western societies and their failure to produce effective leadership that could otherwise create more positive outcomes for the West.

The empire cycle and leadership

The rise of an empire is driven by the creative/maverick individuals within a society who take risk and build productive enterprises that feed back wealth into the growing empire. It is these strong visionaries and, at times difficult, personalities that are represented in governments in the expansive stage of an empire. As an empire matures so the structures of governance increasingly eject these mavericks from the governmental process and replace them with what are perceived as safe pairs of hands that lead the country conservatively, but without creative adaptation.

By the time an empire enters into decline there are two negative forces at work within the process of government. The first is that it will cease to contain or exhibit any of the components of maverick leadership that are so necessary for the creation of the solutions needed to renovate and rebuild the empire. The second is that the demographics of an empire in decline shift so that the system becomes polarised and split into two roughly equal halves representing the old 'overclass' and the rising 'underclass', who, with opposing polices, enter into a period of deadlock and subsequent self-destruction. Once an empire has collapsed the nation then enters a period of extended malaise in which great leadership will be a quality sorely in demand, until expansive demographics cause a regionalisation process to gain new momentum and evolve into a civil war which will in turn generate radical new leadership that drives the nation into a new cycle of growth.



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