Where are the Political Heroes when we need them? Part 3 "US Sequestration is a sad reality"

The US is the last nation in the system of the Western Christian Empire, and whilst it survives it also helps to keep afloat the European system long after it would have collapsed of its own volition. But its own dynamics are those of a nation that is clearly well into a phase of decline itself. The deadlock between the rising 'underclass' in the form of the Democrats and the Republicans who generally represent the old 'overclass' is clear for all to see with the recent failed Budget discussions. 

The fact that all parties are resigned towards the sequestration process at the start of March because they are unable to solve their differences, is a clear demonstration that America has entered a very self destructive phase of its cycle. Whilst each party expends valuable energy passing the blame of the failure of these talks on to the other party, the only real winner will be the Chinese, who will interpret this moment in time as another milestone in the continuing decline of the US Empire. The Sequesters arbitrary application will impact America's ability to project power, creating vacuums that will quickly be filled by China and its challenging allies.

In short, this is not a good moment for America or the West generally.

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