America/North Korea relationship

Standing into danger - North Korea

Trump’s strategy to reverse America's global decline has impacted three critical areas of American foreign policy: Russian relations, the Middle East and China. I have not included North Korea because it is, in reality, part of the Chinese challenge to oblate American power. It is worth remembering that North Korea ascended to become a nuclear power by using the distraction of the second Iraq war, on the basis that America would not fight on two fronts. It worked and is a lesson that Kim seems not to have forgotten.

North Korea - Trump's 'red line'

Red lines are dangerous concepts in the game of geopolitics. When they are drawn, they have to be enforceable and the creator has to have the intent to follow through with force if they are crossed. Obama’s chemical red line in Syria was the end of his credibility and what happened thereafter was an accelerated degradation of American influence and power.

America concentrates its forces against North Korea

We previously noted that as part of America’s force build up in preparation for a pre-emptive strike against North Korea, the Americans would concentrate at least three carrier groups in the area. With the USS Carl Vinson already in the region and the USS Ronald Reagan stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, the last carrier group the USS Nimitz is undergoing a 'final pre-deployment assessment' off Oregon.

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