So whilst the Western world fixates on the location of a black box, Putin is unleashing his next performance, fermenting unrest in Eastern Ukraine.

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The generally held perception that global warming is a linear process is one only held by non-scientists. I have repeatedly pointed out that the present apparent pause… Read more.

David was live on CNBC yesterday morning for the Worldwide Exchange programme at 09:00.

David says that events in Ukraine reveal the "decline of the West" and the power vacuum left by the U… Read more.

Yesterday the Chancellor set the scene for his speech stating that, 'If you're a maker, a doer or a saver: this budget is for you.' The statement begs closer… Read more.

Why is it that human societies assume a linear projection of events from any point now into the future?
It would seem that we have a collective blind-spot to the… Read more.

The Indian elections on 7th April will be a watershed moment for the region and possibly the world. As discussed in BTCH, India and the pan Islamic system are both in… Read more.

The US National Debt was some 5795 billion dollars at the end of December 2013, of which 22% is currently held by China and 20% by Japan. A further 9% is owned… Read more.

As predicted, Crimea will now be de facto annexed, whilst the world should expect Putin's next step will be to orchestrate a similar referendum for eastern Ukraine to join Russia.

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13. Can a war be fought too long to have a negotiated settlement?.'

Wars are like forest fires, which only burn themselves out when they run out of fuel.… Read more.