Brexit-Divorce Day

Brexit-Divorce Day

Today Britain will finally leave the EU continental model and return to being a sovereign state free to pursue our aspirations of once more becoming a Global maritime nation.

In Britain's Proud history she resisted the Spanish Invasion of 1598, and soon after the end of its civil war faced down the power of the Dutch, until we made their king our king in the Glorious Revolution in 1688. Immediately afterwards we became locked in a struggle for supremacy with France. A series of wars that spanned almost 135 years,which concluded with prevention of Napoleon's invasion and ultimately his capture at Waterloo. Next rose the Germans who tried twice in two horrendous world wars. In short they all tried and failed to dominate Britain by force.

Then came Britain's hour of weakness at the end of its Empire, when we joined the common market, in much need of economic growth. So desperate was Britain to grow again, that every one ignored the small print that stated the ultimate goal was political unification of the EU. This was the vision of the French who desired to contain Germany such that it would never attack France again. When the Cold war ended the Brussels machine went into overdrive to implement the road to a United States of Europe. Then when in 2014 Cameron went to the French and Germans and asked for an equal seat at the high table he was rejected out of hand. This was a clear indication that Britain's sovereignty faced its greatest challenge, invasion by covert action and stealth. But just as for the previous  400 years the island nation found the individuality and fortitude during the Brexit Civil war to unbind itself from the shackles of sublimation that would have crushed our democracy at the hands of Brussels and German and French dominance.

Based on my five Phase cycle theory, Britain is the first nation to navigate peacefully the enormous energies of civil change at the end of the first stage of regionalization, which normally results in a civil war. This is a huge national achievement and gives me hope that old human patterns can give way to new more conscious ones. Brexit has also redefined the mechanisms of democracy and in the process rejuvenated the system of Governmental rule and national values to more effectively harness the nation energy of expansion.

Looking to the short and medium-term, despite major global economic headwinds that are about to engulf us, Britain is now in the second phase of expansion, giving it great resilience compared to its European neighbours. This resilience will in the decade ahead see Britain and its role in the world transformed. Critical to that process will be the instigation of a right-brained revolution, innovation investment and forward-thinking. For details please follow Vision Global Britain 2025

In the months ahead Britain’s new sense of national identity and unity will shock the EU negotiating team, who for some strange reason do not understand that they are facing a very different rejuvenated nation across the table

In summation on this great and historic day, I am incredibly positive about Britains' Future that will inevitably drive it to become the leading power in Europe within the next decade. Whilst Britain's national energy will drive it forward, I expect the EU to implode and Britain to act a new pole around which the northern European states will coalesce in a loose trading alliance.

My great Friend Bill Blaine has written a fabulous letter that sums up the majority  British perspective

Blain's Morning Porridge - A letter to Europe - 31st Jan 2020


A celebratory Game

To celebrate this great moment, I have instigated a campaign locally to encourage the use of codes that reflect great dates in British  history. So may I suggest that you present these dates to your gyms etc to remind us of our past and future potential?

  • 1066 The Norman Conquest:
  • 1215 John I signs the Magna Carta
  • 1265 Simon De Montfort calls the first parliament
  • 1485 Battle of Bosworth Field
  • 1415 Battle of Agincourt
  • 1564 Shakespeare Birthday
  • 1605 Gunpowder plot
  • 1688 The Glorious Revolution
  • 1704 The Battle of Blenheim
  • 1805 The Battle of Trafalgar
  • 1815 The Battle of Waterloo
  • 1833 Abolition of Slavery
  • 1854 Battle of Inkerman-Crimean War
  • 1879 Battle of Rorke’s Drift
  • 1914 Start of WW 1
  • 1945 VE Day WW 1
  • 2020 the year we left the EU



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