October 2012

The Death of Great Britain?

The Kingdom of Great Britain resulted from the political union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland with the Acts of Union on 1 May 1707 under Queen Anne 305 years ago. Then in 1801, under a new Act of Union, this kingdom merged with the Kingdom of Ireland to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In a final iteration after the Irish War of Independence (1919–1921) most of Ireland seceded from the Union, which then became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

TPCG speech Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Speech Topics:

  • Based on the book "Breaking the Code of History"
  • Defined the 5 Stages of the Empire Model in the context of past Empires, and today's World
  • Application of the 5 Stages Mdel to better understand the next 10 years for Latin-America
  • Latin-America's role in the greater world
  • Investment opportunities in Latin-America


"In November 2012 TPCG Group (a Latin-American Fixed Income Brokerage Firm) located in  Buenos Aires Argentina, had the pleasure to count with the visit of David Murrin in its 15th An

TPCG LatAm event London

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"I would like to thank you for participating in our event last week. The group and I found the subject and the content of your presentation, extremely interesting and your delivery, very engaging."

Fernando A. de la Viesca, CEO TPCG Group

Chalke Valley History Festival

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The Chalke Valley History Festival, 26th June -1st July 2012, is Britain's biggest literary festival devoted entirely to history. Situated in Ebbesbourne Wake, 12 miles southwest of Salisbury in Wiltshire, it offers a series of top-class litery events involving the most popular, influential and successful historians in the country.

Harvard Business School Alumni event

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"Sometimes one can point to events in one’s life that are for a lack of a better expression “life defining” - David’s presentation was one of them. For years I have had in my mind unorganised thoughts about how the power of nations (in his words 'empires') have changed over time. David’s presentation finally helped me put these thoughts within a framework!