March 2014

Ocean Heat Sinks

The generally held perception that global warming is a linear process is one only held by non-scientists. I have repeatedly pointed out that the present apparent pause in global warming, that data suggests has occurred since 1998, does not invalidate the reality of global warming, but is caused as oceanic heat sinks absorb some of the increased energy from our atmosphere. The mechanism of this process has been recently highlighted by professor Matthew England from the University of New South Wales.

Makers and Doers

Yesterday the Chancellor set the scene for his speech stating that, 'If you're a maker, a doer or a saver: this budget is for you.' The statement begs closer inspection.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Changing Borders

Why is it that human societies assume a linear projection of events from any point now into the future?
It would seem that we have a collective blind-spot to the ever changing world we live in, and have an inability to predict events collectively before they unfold, such as the annexation of the Crimea by Russia.
BTCH was written specifically to change this paradigm and give the reader a new and realistic way to understand and predict geopolitical events.

US debt burden means vulnerability

The US National Debt was some 5795 billion dollars at the end of December 2013, of which 22% is currently held by China and 20% by Japan. A further 9% is owned collectively by Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

So in the parlance of 'Breaking the Code of History', America which is the last of the Western Christian Empires owes 51% of its outstanding debt to nations within the Super Asian Empire.

Putin's next move

As predicted, Crimea will now be de facto annexed, whilst the world should expect Putin's next step will be to orchestrate a similar referendum for eastern Ukraine to join Russia.

Meanwhile Obama huffs and puffs and the so-called tough US sanctions against Russia fail to hit the mark by excluding Putin's overseas assets.

One more signal to Putin, encouraging him to push on with his masterly game.