June 2020

Did The CCP Intentionally Release the Wuhan Pandemic?

Xi and Bio weapon

This Murrination follows my article Are We At War written on 30th March 2020 which will give context to the key questions that need to be asked.  Early in January 2020, I was one of the first commentators who expressed the view that I was 90% certain the Wuhan Virus came out of a laboratory.

Here Comes Americas Pushback

US China

Since February, when the Wuhan pandemic began to spread across the world, Trump and America have been on the back foot. The USA has mismanaged the domestic response and ensured that the Fed printed enough money to keep the ship afloat, at least in the short term. During that period, Xi has manifested aggression on multiple fronts that leave his intentions clear to the world. However, now that Trumps bellwether, (the stock market), has apparently stabilised, the economy is unlocking. Most importantly, the US Presidential campaign is building momentum.