Lessons From The Pandemic Need to be Applied Swiftly


As the UK reaches 100,000 reported deaths from the pandemic, the UK's  government and press have recognised this gruesome milestone. A statistical estimate is that those 100,000 people, on average, lost 10 years of their lives. 

Whilst it is critical to recognise and honour such a loss, it is also critical to learn lessons from it so we may enhance our ability to improve our national response to the coming waves that will inevitably follow.

The UK's pandemic response has been consistently slow to adapt and implement policies. This is due to its inability to develop a strategic perspective and execute effective command and control. Some key national susceptibilities have caused the UK's death rate to be the 4th highest in the world. It is, however, still behind Belgium. That being said, many developing nations do not keep accurate statistics so this measure is meaningless. Nonetheless, a comparison between the UK, the EU and the US is still instructive.


  1. The accuracy of the data on deaths. The current death statistics reflect those who have died with Covid, but not necessarily from it. This means the best way to estimate the loss of life remains the excess death rate.
  2. The data from excess deaths. As the second wave has been coincident with the cyclical annual flu/pneumonia peaks that cause average death rates to rise from November through to February, the average excess data rates have been lower in the second wave than the first. In effect, some of those deaths will include people that would have died this year from other respiratory infections.
excess deaths
obesity rates



  1. The UK’s inherent weaknesses.
  2. The UK has one of the worst obesity rates in the world. It is the 10th in the world with 26.2% of the population being classified as obese compared to  17% in France. America is even worse at 40%, a figure that will no doubt leave America with a terrible death toll. Most notably, 50% of all people in the UK who enter ICUs are obese.
  3. The UK has one of the lowest ratios of hospital beds in the OECD per capita at 2.5 per 1000 compared to France at 5.9 per 1000 and Germany at 8 per 1000.
  4. A major international travel hub. As such, the inflow of infections is extremely high. 



Key lessons to be applied ASAP 

  1. A shift in governmental mindset into a more strategic command and control mode must occur. I have written many articles on this shift needed from peacetime to a wartime government process as it will provide greater national resilience The Greater Need for National Resilience
  2. Base the lockdown strategy on excess deaths, not total, deaths. Only then can the impact of the pandemic be effectively measured and balanced against the economic damage incurred through lockdowns. At present, I fear the future economic and geopolitical consequences will be far greater than the impact of excess deaths. We need to learn how to live and work with the virus. I suspect that only after the stock market crashes this year will the logic of lockdowns be questioned. By then, it will sadly be too late.
  3. Reduce Obesity. We need an urgent national program to reduce weight and increase gut health. This relates to immunity and to becoming healthy as a nation. In doing so, a sense of control will return to the population. This will require special support for the poorer sections of society and should be part of a levelling-up strategy Balancing The Books, and Time For a Revolution In Healthcare.
  4. More hospital beds. Increase the number of hospital beds and revamp the NHS to become more efficient by changing its leadership and culling  the middle management  so the threshold of ICU and hospital bed saturation becomes higher. Resultantly, this would raise the bar for the threshold of the need for another lockdown in any subsequent wave of infection.
  5. Make the borders impermeable to avoid reinfection. Belatedly, this is now happening. But it must include the 10,000 lorry drivers that enter a day by creating a drop-and-go policy at ports. Whilst the enforced hotel stay is a sound start, the other less costly option for travellers to the UK could be a pick up from the airport by a registered cab service and a GPS ankle bracelet to ensure compliance whilst isolating at home.
  6. A track and trace system that is 100% reliable. With the risk of new strains entering the country, it will be vital to ensure that a track and trace system that is 100% foolproof is in service. If we cannot make our own, the Taiwanese have offered theirs for free. 
  7. The pandemics origins and mobilising against the CCP. We owe it to those that have suffered in this pandemic to seek the answers as to the true origins of this pandemic. In my past Murrinations, I have maintained with 100% certainty that this virus was produced in a laboratory. I remain of this view and the following is well worth listening to,  Even though it comes from Fox news, as its assertions have great validity http://video.foxnews.com/v/6225847837001/. As I have discussed before, assuming it came from a laboratory, the ease with which an accidental release could be made to look like an intentional release by the CCPs security services is disquieting. This is given credence when examining the poor previous safety records of the Wuhan lab.

Holding The CCP responsible For The Pandemic

Whilst it is easy to criticise the UK and other Western governments for their failures, surely it is time to increase the pressure on those that are ultimately responsible in the CCP for this pandemic? Without doing so we will fail to honour our dead and most importantly prevent any future outbreaks in the future.

How Have the CCP got Away with Spreading The Virus?

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