The New Wuhan Reality Part 2: The Absence of Polarisation


Governments have been putting their medical services and economies into an entirely appropriate wartime mode. However, there is a critical element of a wartime thought process that is absent.

One of my core theories espoused in Breaking the Code Of History, is about the mechanisms of collective Polarisation. This describes how the human system that faces competition from other systems, increasingly dehumanizes their competitor, to the point where killing them becomes justifiable and war breaks out. Within this context, the process not only focuses on every element of a population against the competition, but it also binds society into a coherent organisation driven by its desire to survive.

Today, every nation on earth faces an enemy. However that enemy is not another nation, but the Wuhan Virus. A virus that has no face or collective organisation to focus the population against collectively by demonising it character, values or behaviour. Instead, people are acting selfishly driven by a state of fear. Indeed the real enemy that Humanity faces is fear itself. The power of the collective polarisation process is that it immunises individuals against collective fear. Without this collective defence mechanism being engaged the fear cycle only expands to self destructive proportions. Which is what we are witnessing today with the response to the Wuhan Virus

The problem is compounded in countries, as defined by the five phase life cycle, that are in decline, where natural social coherence is already low. In which the meme of severing oneself is more a dominant social driver, than serving one's nation i.e demonstrating low social coherence.

Thus China especially, with its intrinsically disciplined population, combined with being on the most powerful part of the ascension curve, has this energy in abundance. Additionally, Xi has been trying to accelerate the polarisation process by blaming the American military for planting the Wuhan Virus. Although to those in the West, this accusation and blatant attempt at deflection might be laughable, to those in China accustomed to believing the state media, this is the first stage of a traditional polarisation path to conflict. I expect this process to expand, such that Xi will be able to justify an accelerated arms race with America that will harness the unused  Chinese manufacturing capacity to compensate for the loss of production due to the virus.

Meanwhile, America and the EU in declining phase, have a serious deficit of national coherence. Britain, however, has this latent resource post Brexit waiting to be harnessed.

Governments are doing the best they can to move to a wartime footing, by supporting the economy, directly to businesses and individuals. But how could nations use the forces of polarisation to activate wartime social coherence to overcome the Wuhan Virus? The simple answer, is by weaponizing language and manifesting great archetypal courageous and defiant leadership.

Whilst recognising that the real threat is to our social fabric and economy and the maintenance of our supply lines, this crisis is a test of national energy and values for all nations. But what each nation cries out for is the energy of Churchill at the moment when he gave his “never surrender” speech, at the darkest moment in the history of the British Empire.  A speech that will rouse the souls of all Britons, expressing courage, fortitude and resolution to stand together, mobilise and defeat the Wuhan Virus.


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