Heroes and Empire Cycles

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Further to our blog on the 15th March, gold fell after rumors of the Central Bank of Cyprus selling reserves to pay for the ongoing crisis, with rumors that other banks might well follow, sentiment… Read more.

To better understand the various drivers operating across the Korean peninsula one has to first appreciate the role of China in the situation.

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The mechanism of the decline of empires, nations, companies, and individuals is rarely forced upon them by competitors, but instead is a relentless process of self… Read more.

Meanwhile Gold has once more dropped to levels in its recent range that have forced out weak longs. However when viewed from a distance this recent 1500 to 1900 range… Read more.

One of our key leading indicators has been copper. Of special note is that the contracting structure failed at its upper resistance zone and we now expect a break of… Read more.

There is much talk of the growing mountain of Chinese debt, and comparisons have been made with the predicament of America. However there is one major difference,… Read more.

Of special note is the situation in Britain which we expect to continue to worsen, as the currency continues its decline, as a reflection of the loss of confidence in… Read more.

In Europe the picture continues to be very bleak. The bottom line is that the period of relative stability bought by Mario Draghi last summer, has been… Read more.