The Day Of Reckoning

In a few day's time, the British Nation will vote in the Brexit Election. The culmination of what has effectively been a peaceful Civil War that had its genesis in… Read more.

As a regular reader of Murrinations you will be aware of my concern at the rise of Chinese power over the past decade. This includes a strengthening alliance with Russia combined with a strategy… Read more.

As we move into that last two weeks before the election the polls are indicating that all of my predictions for the Brexit Election with respect to the results are coming to pass .i.e That the… Read more.

One of the hallmarks of an empire is the widespread use of its currency, not only within its borders but on its periphery. This allows an Empire to control and regulate not just their… Read more.

My work is based around collective human behaviour, how to predict it, understand it and enhance the ways we interact with each other. 

My fascination for military history, which started… Read more.

When New Orleans was inundated after being besieged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 - the official reason given was that the flood levies had not been maintained appropriately.

Today in 2019… Read more.

Listening to the Remain parties rattle off their prophecies of doom if we leave the EU, and its multitude of negative effects on the economy and business, is in opposition to the apparitional… Read more.

The above picture is but one of a sequence of photos sent from my man in HK. Rioting is centred in Kowloon and the centre of HK. In those areas the police have lost control and discipline, so it… Read more.

Today is the 11th of the 11th. The day where Britain remembers its war dead from WW1 onwards. However, the question has to be asked, are we honouring our lost generations… Read more.