November 2012

Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Europe breakfast event at the Top Marques Monaco

Event date

David Murrin was the Guest Speaker at the Financial Breakfast organised by the Edmond de Rothschild Group at Top Marques Monaco on April 19th 2013.

About 250 selected guests gathered to listen to Mr. Murrin’s theories on the rise and fall of empires, alliances for a new world order and on where best to invest nowadays. His speech based on his book "Breaking the Code of History" covered:

  • The 5 Stages of the Empire Model in the context of past Empires, and today's World
  • Application of the 5 Stages Model to better understand the next 10 years for Geopolitics
  • The Commodity Cycle
  • the Decline of the West and Rise of China


“Thought provoking! It is impossible to not be intrigued by the relevance and evidence of David Murrin’s theories”, said Top Marques’ Director Steven Saltzman. “We are thrilled that the Edmond the Rothschild Group has invited Mr Murrin to our show”.

"The conference in Monaco was very enlightening and so close to my own opinions, which is what I told David on the day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it quite literally made my day. " Capt Fabien Roche, Vice-President Operations, Sunrise Yachts

An Alliance of the Americas

As human populations continue to grow, so larger organisational structures will need to be formed as an extension of a higher degree fractal of regionalisation, a concept I describe as 'super regionalisation'. The first real example of this is the European Union, although this structure is fatally flawed by the negative demographics at the heart of the old Europe. There will no doubt be other 'super regions' to come and one of these could well be an 'alliance of the Americas'.

Brazil and the regionalisation of Latin America

The process of the regionalisation of Latin America has clearly seen Brazil emerge as the dominant single nation in the region, with some 193 million of a total of 572 million population on the continent, contributing to 40% of the region's total GDP. This massive success is partly  due to the underlying power of the demographic expansion of Brazil, as well as the pragmatic nature of its people, and has taken place despite the less than optimal policies of the country's popular President from 2003-2010 Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Argentina: decline or rebirth?

Argentina has a rich history which is closely linked to its European origins and one that defines its very nature. It was the Spanish who first came for the silver, but after independence from Spain was declared in 1816, when the Argentine flag was officially adopted by the rebels, the ensuing Argentine War of Independence attracted disenfranchised ex French Bonapartists and Italians whose influence dominated for a few decades.

Gaza, and the ongoing war between Israel and Iran

There is no doubt that Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu believes that the Iranian nuclear programme represents a clear and present danger to Israel, a risk that involves the potential destruction of his country. He is a hard liner and a very determined man who has been pushing against American attempts to prevent him from executing a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities for years.