February 2014

Flashpoint Ukraine

Putin’s vision of rebuilding the USSR is one he holds very strongly and one that he has worked hard to craft since his arrival in power. His campaign has accelerated and  he has been immensely successful in the past year taking advantage of Obama’s weak presidency and  foreign policy. Syria is a clear case in point which emboldened Putin to muscle Ukraine away from Europe into his arms.

Welcome to Climate Reality

On August 29th 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and its resultant storm surge breached the neglected  flood defences in 50 places. Two days later 80% of the city was flooded and 80/90% of the population was evacuated. Sadly, the western world missed the obvious lessons. Climate change will create greater energy in our atmosphere and produce more high energy weather events so that when  they collide with population centres significant damage will result.