China and America

The Deadly Dance of the Eagle and the Dragon: Part 5 The Chinese Strategy

We can use the nine containment points America needed to act upon to assess Chinese progress with its' strategy:

1. Learn to respect and understand Chinese history and culture - the Americans continue to have a very poor understanding of their strategic competitor’s history, culture, and mindset, whilst the Chinese understand the American culture very well from a massive long cultural exposure. This is a profound weakness in not understanding one's enemy.

China and America lock horns

Today’s Chinese military parade, ostensible in celebration of victory over Japan, can only be viewed as a clear declaration of national intent. Casting our eyes back through recent history, military parades should never be viewed simply as a public spectacle designed to provide innocent uplift to a nation. Instead, they are clearly associated with militarised societies whose nations fully incorporate the use of force to expand their influence. The Nazis revelled in such parades, as did the USSR during the Cold War. As do Russia, North Korea and China today.

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