Geopolitical Forecasts

One has to ask, what changed in the mind of President Xi? Before the pandemic spread to the West President Xi was extremely careful not to antagonize America by over-responding to civil unrest in… Read more.

This pandemic has brought many issues in our society to our attention, as the social camouflage drops away and the real nature of relationships and human systems… Read more.


Many battles in history, have taught us that controlling the high ground has always been strategically advantageous. At the start of WW1 planes and zeppelins… Read more.

During Brexit, we were able to predict the twists, turns and outcomes in a highly intense political conflict. This is because we used the transitional phase between the first stage of an empire (… Read more.

I believe the biggest threat to global stability in the next decade is China. Either the American economy, political will and military capability will be strong enough to deter the threat, as with… Read more.

What is the biggest challenge humanity faces in the next decade? 

I don’t believe it would be this pandemic or climate change. Instead, I believe it to be the… Read more.

 Lessons from British History

Wars, as I have explained before, are entropy tsunamis and similarly so is this Wuhan Pandemic. They are… Read more.

In today's rapidly shifting geopolitical landscape lessons drawn from history are more vital than ever. In my new book, The Road to Wars, I discuss the algorithmic expansion of an aggressive and… Read more.

In the tumultuous times that we are currently experiencing, as power shifts from West to East and the old empire of the Dollar comes under terminal pressure, where does you place your money?… Read more.