May 2021

Growing Chinese Primary Polarisation Against The West.

Wolf Warrior

Since the start of the Wuhan pandemic, the West has seen a radical shift in Secondary polarisation within our societies, with a stark recognition of what the CCP policies really represent, with their aggressive and expansive policies. But especially concerning the perpetration of genocide as the rose-tinted glasses fall away.

Expanding Flat Earth Thinking Part 3; Flat Earth Thinking Today

Flat Earth Images

In the third part of our Murrination series we continue looking at the expanding of our Flat Earth thinking and so will touch on many of the areas where we believe there is significant evidence against a commonly and collectively held current theory, perception or belief. With the purpose of catalysing a quantum shift in perception, which will, in turn, challenge expanded flat earth thinking. Some are topics that we have discussed regularly in the course of our Murrinations. Whilst others we have until now purposely not chosen to discuss.

Reviews of Red Lightning

A Very Plausible and Likely Outcome - If We Keep Ignoring The Signs.

Red Lightning describes the current trajectory for the Western World. As we see the super nations such as the USA and UK crumble, a huge power shift is taking place. Is this pathway inevitable? This succinct book shows how we are running out of time.

Andrew Pancholi, UK

A Searing Insight into the World's perilous future.