December 2020

The Battle For Scotland

With the next Scottish parliamentary elections due on May 6th 2021 and the severe economic impact from the pandemic and economic lock down only exacerbating the poverty levels in Scotland, the risks of an SNP victory hang over the  UK like the sword of Damocles. If there ever was a time to examine how the bond between the two nations can be strengthened, it is now with the risk of  Scottish succession and independence looming.

The Battle for Scotland

The Dawn Of A New Global Britain

the dawn of a new global britain

The trade deal with the UK and EU is a remarkable achievement for the Boris-Frost duo. Despite the Draconian and punitive negotiating stance employed by Barnier, they were prepared to accept a no deal if necessary. This forced the EU to meet the UK on equal and fair terms. Though some may say this deal is not perfect, anyone familiar with negotiating will realise this deal is beneficial for both sides by any measure. This is especially true during the pandemic when there are already major interruptions to international trade. 

The UK-EU Trade deal: