December 2013

Measurement of climate energy

Put simply, the sun's radiation speads out through the solar system and then interacts with the earth's atmosphere to warm our planet's surface and oceans. While the sun's radiation output has remained relatively constant over the last 200 years, the composition of our atmosphere has changed since the onset of industrialisation to include more carbon monaxide and methane. These pollutants have become known as greenhouse gases as they increase the ability of the atmosphere to retain the sun's heat.

China Part 2: Reform as demonstration of intention to rise to super power status

In my next book The Roads to Wars I outline a ten step process that nations walk before they initiate a war of expansion. Key to that process is the commitment to resource acquisition, economic power and military growth which are the combined starting point for expansionary policies. China’s execution of this plan of action has been consistent with such ambition.

China Part 1: Did the Cold War lull us all into a false sense of security with respect to a 3rd World War?

In a strange way the peaceful conclusion of the Cold War may well have lulled us into a false sense of security with respect to the  risk of all out world war in the era of nuclear weapons. Why be so pessimistic, you might ask? Because if one breaks down the dynamics of the Cold War in terms of the methodology of the nature of wars as defined in BTCH, the Cold  War was between two elements of the Super Western Christian Empire after its fracture which came about when the whole super empire system was in decline.

Nelson Mandela: A Great Light in the Affairs of Man

In order to understand more thoroughly Nelson Mandela’s magnificent achievements, one has to appreciate the geopolitical context of his life and to do that it is necessary to look at South Africa’s history and its phase on the empire cycle. From the time of its independence SA started its regional process and its population expanded unevenly with the black population growing faster than the white population, exacerbating the latter’s minority position.