December 2019

The Demise of Trump and the Rise of Bloomberg


The power of The Five Phase Life Cycle to predict political and  geopolitical events, has been proven repeatedly over the past 20 years. Some of the most recent examples have been Britain's Brexit process and the landslide election of Boris, and the early prediction that Trump would be President, even before he won the Republican nomination.

The End of the Brexit Civil War Part 2: The Predictive Power of the Five Phase Life Cycle

Brexit predictions

From a Murrinations perspective our coverage and correct analysis in complex detail of the Brexit Civil wars outcomes using the Five Phase Growth Cycle, has once more shown the power of this model to understand and predict collective human behaviour. As such, I hope it will further spark your engagement and transmission of the concepts to others. To that end, I have included a summary key quotes from my Murrinations in predicting the Brexit outcomes, which were often contrary to all accepted expectations.