August 2021

The New Global Strategic Nuclear Balance Part 3: China’s Strategic Nuclear Ambitions


China's ambitions to become the new global hegemony are now clear to all, and are very well developed with respect to the expansion of its Navy and tactical missile forces. Surprisingly it has neglected its strategic nuclear capabilities, operating only 300 nuclear warheads until recently. According to the best current estimates, China has up to 90 inter-continental range ballistic missiles (66 land-based ICBMs and 24 submarine-based JL-2 SLBMs) not counting MIRV warheads.

The New Global Strategic Nuclear Balance Part 2: Old Adversaries

missile launch

The current American-Russian strategic nuclear balance is, in most respects, a legacy of the Cold War weapon development program. However, Putin's Russia has introduced a new generation of strategic weapons that have significantly strengthened Russia's hand.


American Strategic forces

The current US ICBM force dates back to the end of the Cold War, but is both effective and uniform in the forces that it currently deploys.