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Arkent-The Bursting of the Biggest Debt Bubble in History!

The Bursting of the Biggest Debt Bubble in History

The turn of the century marked a sea change in the vibrancy of western economies. From that point onwards underlying unleveraged growth and GDPs behaved as if they were swimming through treacle. I would argue that was because America went into the final stage of decline. Interestingly this also coincided with the new inflationary commodity cycle of a new K wave with increased input prices further imposing themselves on a sub dynamic American and western economy. This turning point coincided with 9/11.

Arkent -The strategic picture Update 22nd August 2019

Stock Markets

The global stock market complex has clearly turned downwards from the point we located a few weeks ago at 3020 on the S & p 500 with a 3050 limit. Over the past years the strongest stock market has been the US. Now that it turned downwards the weaker ones have taken  the opportunity to accelerate their declines. Over the past week, all stock market indices have corrected sideways and consequently sentiment has calmed down. However, today's high at 3404 should end the correction and the downward bear market is now set to resume.

The Arkent Scenario - Anatomy of the next global financial Crisis

The story so far

So far we have called the highs of the equity markets accurately and have seen the first significant drops which coincide with ratcheting up of US-China tension and the Fed lowering rates in recognition that all is not well with the economy. As such we feel confident that stocks are now on the way down in a very significant bear market that could reach 2008 lows.

Time To Cash In The chips

Casting one’s mind back to the S&P low of March 2009 when most the family office’s wealth had halved since the Nov 2007 high. Diversification had provided no protection against the collapse, as every asset had become correlated. On those dark days near the lows the global financial system as we know it, felt on the  brink of failure.

Building a post-Brexit decentralised, automated manufacturing base

The following article was written in response to an invitation to write an alternative viewpoint to an article titled "Why we should realise that sterling has been, and still is, much too strong" found at:

The Arkent Scenario - A Bleak Global Economic Outlook for 2018-2020

We have mentioned that we expect a trade war to unfold between Trump’s America and China this year so how does that translate into the global markets?

Early in 2017 we created what we called the Arkent Scenario as the sequence in which we expected the markets to roll over into global economic trauma. The Arkent scenario was a road map to follow markets and prepare for the worst. It articulated the following signs in this specific order:

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